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You can be no1
adib il y a 2 jours
Isn't he "injured" :)
Novak_Novak il y a 4 jours
Oh c'mon! There's no hatchet. Nothing has to be burried. They're both professionals and even if there was sth, they wouldn't be showing that. Two adults! Not kids. Ppl just like to exaggerate things and so does McEnroe I guess.
forehandcross il y a 7 jours
Federer will play that final if instead of Djokovic in final was someone else [Nishikori, Raonic etc ...]
Novak_Novak il y a 8 jours
Federer was to scared to play
Novak_Novak il y a 9 jours
Go France!
siny il y a 9 jours
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