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Nonsense ! They put who they want to put together . They seem to think the ratings will soar if they give fed an easy path to the finals
papasung2 il y a 18 minutes
Duckworth is Australian, not american.
klaus1415 il y a 2 jours
Bravo No1e! ! !
dimitrijevicv il y a 6 jours
Well done wawrinka!
wsu100 il y a 7 jours
Seems like it was not that terrible after all ^^
Braten K. il y a 10 jours
Extremely good
lmirkov il y a 11 jours
Stephane Robert FRA
- 35 years old
- 185 cm
- 77 kg
a battu Ghem - 6/2, 6/74, 8/6
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