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Come on Andy crush that arrogant little pr..
davidcarr9772 il y a 6 heures
davidcarr9772 il y a 6 heures
When us Scots win tomorrow then we can give the English the title that they so badly want.. Elizabeth garbage you talk, so America is like playing 51 countries then.... well you would think they would win even more than they do. Stupid point and the United Kingdom is tiny and if it was just Scotland we would still win, being Andy and Jamie are both Scottish..
davidcarr9772 il y a 6 heures
AndersonThrowingUp il y a 23 heures
Come on David
goochy009 il y a 1 jour
Great response! Nice chatting guys. Gotta catch a ferry. Happy Thanksgiving Christine. Hope you get some sleep. How long dyou guys celebrate Thanksgiving anyway?
youngblood2292 il y a 2 jours
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