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What a shit article
goochy009 il y a 17 minutes
Murray to win easy. Doesn't matter if Murray plant's doubt in his mind for the davis cup. Murray can win both his singles matches if he wants Aus will win the rest 3-2 victory for Australia!!!!!
goochy009 il y a 28 minutes
Let's go, Serena!
miaheavener il y a 1 heure
Poor little doodo bird. I imagine her sulking in a fetal position in some dark corner.
christinenelles88 il y a 12 heures
Keep going Caro!!!!!!!!
goochy009 il y a 15 heures
Lol. No Christine not offended at all. As a matter of facts We all can't like the same thing. Can't also force myself to love Nadal and Federer either, cos of the way some of you make them seem like God and others are nothing. Lol But I don't hate them and won't talk dirty about them. Just argue my point out though can be heated sometimes (Must confess) My wish is for my favourite(Djokovic) to outwit them whenever he can and hope for an early upset to his adavantage...
Doodo uu4no il y a 4 jours
Tommy Paul USA
- 18 years old
- 188 cm
- 79 kg
a battu Hernandez-Fernandez - 6/3, 7/5
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