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I'll have you know, Claudius911, that my expertise in the field of tennis is world reknown from the famouse tennis academy in Mesopotamia to tennis courts across America. They still whisper my name in clubs around the world. Before I was a tennis instructor, I was a lumberjack in Maine, I've picked peaches in Georgia and was an F-16 fighter pilot, but my true skills are tennis predictions and expert commentary so there.
mr.chess4444 mr.chess4444 il y a 31 minutes
Mr. Chess, we anxiously await your most accurate predictions.
bastion bastion il y a 4 heures
Novak, already done it, so extra one will be a bonus.
bastion bastion il y a 4 heures
Didn't we hear dis b 😂 fore?
silent Ching silent Ching il y a 8 heures
So, Nick withdraws from Roland Garros. Good riddance.
Tennis007 Tennis007 il y a 16 heures
Yes. Feel well and play well Rafa. (You're my favorite ❣)
christinenelles88 christinenelles88 il y a 18 heures
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