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Champions to defend Brisbane titles

Published by , Wednesday 10/11/17 09:31

Grigor Dimitrov from Bulgaria and the Czech Republic's Karolina Pliskova are set to defend the Brisbane International titles they won last year, the tournament's director Geoff Quinlan confirmed on Wednesday. World number one Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, ranked third, will also kick off their Australian Open preparations in Brisbane. "Serena is more than welcome. The door is wide open," Quinlan added. "It'll be amazing, there's no denying that."
Source: AFP

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Good start Karoline
eduardoarredondo64 il y a 1 heure
So underrated.
coldslayer1000 il y a 1 heure
Brilliant shot from Dustin.
Aladdin Sane il y a 1 jour
Its funny every1 copying federer and takin rest of year off
dblane79 il y a 1 jour
Players are not supposed to get faster and stronger as they get older. Mmm ... Just saying. ...
mellime il y a 5 jours
The USTA and WTA allowed Sharapova to use dope for her entire career, until WADA busted her. Sharapova is receiving Wildcards as HUSH money.... Sharapova receives HUSHcards from the USTA and WTA, not Wildcards
tljtrust il y a 5 jours
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