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Czechs bet on time-tested hardcourt for FedCup final against USA

Czechs bet on time-tested hardcourt for FedCup final against USA

Published by , Tuesday 06/12/18 19:12

The Czech Republic will take on the United States in the Fed Cup final on the hardcourt of Prague's O2 Arena in front of 15,000 fans, organisers said Tuesday.

The final pitting the two most successful nations in Fed Cup history -- the US with 18 trophies and the Czech Republic with 10 including five as former Czechoslovakia -- is scheduled for November 10-11.

"When it comes to the venue, the choice was clear," said Czech captain Petr Pala, whose team has won all three finals it has played on Prague's hardcourt.

"I have consulted the players over the surface and we have picked the time-tested hard Novacrylic Ultracushion," he added.

Led by Petra Kvitova and Karolina Pliskova, the Czechs have won five of the last seven editions of the competition.

The US won the 2017 Fed Cup, beating Belarus in Minsk after seeing off the Czechs in the semi-final to take their head-to-head record to an impressive 10-2.

Source: AFP

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silentjee silentjee il y a 10 minutes
I am picking Halep to win US Open
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Serena iron clad mentality is what has set her apart from the rest! She'll surely bounce back!
chidinwekecf chidinwekecf il y a 3 heures
Can't wait for the us open draw!
chidinwekecf chidinwekecf il y a 3 heures
Hope he can come back. Miss watching Jo play
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chidinwekecf chidinwekecf il y a 7 heures