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Djokovic is Wimbledon's Darth Vader, says McEnroe
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Djokovic is Wimbledon's Darth Vader, says McEnroe

Published by , Tuesday 07/09/24 22:38

Tennis great John McEnroe has described Novak Djokovic as the Darth Vader of Wimbledon, claiming the Serb's uncompromising attitude and astonishing success have prompted fans to treat him with the same suspicion reserved for the Star Wars villain.

Djokovic lashed out at sections of the Centre Court crowd following his fourth-round win over Holger Rune on Monday, saying fans showed a lack of respect and accused them of booing him.

McEnroe, no stranger to love-hate relationships with fans throughout his career, said some supporters resent seeing Djokovic collect 24 Grand Slam titles, surpassing the achievements of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

"Don't you think there's been at least 100 matches over the course of the last 10 to 15 years that Djokovic has been disrespected because of how good he is?" McEnroe told the BBC.

"What has he done that's so bad? Name something. What is it? He wants it? He competes as hard as anyone who's ever competed? Is it the look, where he's from?

"He's like the Darth Vader compared to two of the classiest acts we've seen play tennis -- Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

"Who can compare to them in terms of what they brought to the table? Nobody - and then this guy Djokovic spoils the party. So then how about respecting him after all this?"

Djokovic launched an angry outburst at a section of Centre Court fans who constantly chanted "Rune" throughout his win over the Dane.

"To all the fans that have had respect and stayed here tonight, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I appreciate it," said an angry Djokovic.

"And to all those people that have chosen to disrespect the player -- in this case me -- have a goooooooood night," he added, mocking his tormentors' exaggerated "Ruuuuune".

The defiant Serb added: "Listen, I have been on the tour for more than 20 years. I know all the tricks, I know how it works. I focus on the respectful people that pay for the ticket and love tennis and appreciate the players.

"I have played in much more hostile environments, trust me -– you guys can't touch me."

Djokovic has fought a long, often losing battle to win over tennis fans around the world.

His fierce competitive spirit has often alienated spectators more used to the low-key demeanour of Federer and Nadal.

When Djokovic defeated Federer in an epic 2019 Wimbledon final, the majority of fans screamed for the Swiss star, willing him to win.

"When the crowd is chanting 'Roger' I hear 'Novak'," said Djokovic, who this year could equal Federer's men's record of eight Wimbledon titles.

Source: AFP

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Come on Carlitos, make it two in a row!
cyberpixie cyberpixie il y a 1 heure
Blooming heck, I've heard that story 100x
Fred Phoesh Fred Phoesh il y a 7 heures
It wasn'l booooooooing.. Those were just the leftovers of Ruuuuuune fans
StAdam StAdam il y a 11 heures
Was it the right call by chair umpire?
Paddy P Paddy P il y a 14 heures
And just as mentioned ,he lost his shit again.
Gezundheit Gezundheit il y a 14 heures
Paolina is no Serena Williams. Her defense is as good as Serena's, maybe even a little better on court coverage. But Serena had a powerful FH and BH and a serve better than some men. Her offense was much better than Paolina's.
SH321 SH321 il y a 1 jour
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What a violin solo concerto for all Muuuuuuuuusetti"
10 thumb_up
StAdam StAdam
Can I see tears? xaxaxaxa.... Idemooooooo bre!
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Damirica Damirica
With Novak's miraculous recovery from surgery, I sometimes think, did he actually have surgery or is it another trick, as Novak said he knows all the tricks.
8 thumb_up
Snoopy 10 Snoopy 10
All faithful Novak followers are invited for his next Sundays violin solo concerto on Central Court
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StAdam StAdam
Carlitos VAMOSSSSS! Let's Repeat this once more!
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