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Nadal encourages disaster victims after US Open win

Nadal encourages disaster victims after US Open win
Published by , Monday 09/11/17 03:07

World number one Rafael Nadal encouraged the victims of recent natural disasters not to give up and to fight back after devastation to their lives and homes after his US Open final triumph. The 31-year-old Spaniard won his 16th Grand Slam title and third US Open crown by defeating South African 28th seed Kevin Anderson 6-3, 6-3, 6-4. His victory came as Hurricane Irma was causing extensive damage across Florida, the home base for Anderson and many other top tennis stars. "I just want to say sorry for all the victims and keep going for everybody," Nadal said. "It's very sad moments for our world but keep fighting to come back." Nadal won his 10th French Open crown in June.
Source: AFP

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Wow i remember this point it was as Robbie the commentator would say Spot on' lol nah it was spectacular
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 15 heures
Yep a-real head turner
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 16 heures
Vee that will be a see saw match up sascha is a train looking 4 gold & titles... but healtgy Grigor i believe up 4 challenge lol mechman...idk u so I'll just say lol cheers i see ur pix & hopefully ur a fan of nadal.. u get a pass 2day cause both kings had a nix3 view .. wait both kings respect both of those contenders both of them would have given their best wishes 2 either man... so don't throw rocks @ the throne They Sit On
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 16 heures
David is such a sweet guy but must realize his friends are NOT his friends on court during a match. I certainly wish him the best.
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 4 jours
Aejoo Aejoo il y a 4 jours
Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns.
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 5 jours
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