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Tennis: Federer serene as pretenders dream at ATP Finals

Tennis: Federer serene as pretenders dream at ATP Finals
Published by , Saturday 11/18/17 04:24

Roger Federer will walk out on court for his 14th semi at the ATP Finals against David Goffin on Saturday as the hot favourite, with the Swiss veteran bidding for a seventh end-of-season title. In the absence of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, the event at London's O2 Arena was billed as a potential showdown between Federer and Rafael Nadal, until the Spanish world number one was forced out by injury. Nadal's withdrawal -- after a punishing three-set defeat by Goffin -- has given a rather lopsided look to the tournament, with Federer to face either Grigor Dimitrov or Jack Sock in the final should he defeat Groffin. Federer, who has had an extraordinary season, will not be losing too much sleep over his opponent, whom he has beaten six times out of six, conceding just two sets in those matches.
Source: AFP

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tljtrust tljtrust il y a 9 jours
Feel so bad for goffin, he did all he could.
Xan Xero Xan Xero il y a 20 jours
I hope France wins
akorabaffour akorabaffour il y a 22 jours
Come on Team Noah!
Hope Foster Hope Foster il y a 24 jours
Considering the depth that France has both in Singles and Doubles a Davis Cup victory is long overdue
Vinayak Vinayak il y a 24 jours
Wow i remember this point it was as Robbie the commentator would say Spot on' lol nah it was spectacular
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 26 jours
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shunky 3 shunky 9pts
Bob Crew 4 Bob Crew 9pts
tomfox 5 tomfox 9pts
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