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US Open semi-finalist Sevastova stays in the moment

US Open semi-finalist Sevastova stays in the moment

Published by , Tuesday 09/04/18 21:48

Anastasija Sevastova never dreamed when she returned from a near two-year retirement in 2015 that she'd be playing in the semi-finals of a Grand Slam.

That's where the 19th-seeded Latvian is headed after toppling defending US Open champion Sloane Stephens on Tuesday to break through to the last four in her third straight appearance in the quarter-finals.

Such a run didn't seem likely when she returned to competition in January of 2015, finally healed from a litany of injuries that included debilitating back trouble.

"I had done not many goals," she said of her plans upon returning. "Maybe top 100. I was thinking, OK, maybe a couple of years, play top 100. Enjoy the game.

"But now, obviously when you win more, you have higher goals," she said. "When you're winning a tournament, you think that's normal. I can win it maybe next week again."

Sevastova earned her second career title -- and first in seven years -- at Mallorca in 2017 -- finishing at 16th in the world last year after a season that included her US Open last-eight run.

Although she's playing better now than ever, the 28-year-old said she's also trying to enjoy the challenge more.

"You have to appreciate it more," she said. "You have to see that what you're doing, it's like a privilege. So try to keep it low key and try to, yeah, enjoy it."

But with either 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams or eighth-seeded Czech Karolina Pliskova looming, Sevastova said she didn't have time to reflect on her rise in the second phase of her career.

"It was an amazing journey, this three, four years. Right now you're in the tournament, you're playing next tournament next week, and you don't feel it, you know.

"In the end it's amazing, you can't believe it. After I stop at some point I will look at it and I will be proud of myself for sure."

Just as she isn't looking back, Sevastova said she wouldn't look too far ahead -- to the chance that she could finish the week a Grand Slam champion.

"There is still semi-finals," she said. "It's still long way to go."

Source: AFP

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I have no problem if your the best, to be treated as the best. If all players can reach the top 3's level, they would also get special treatment. On the other hand, here is a objective test case: if tournaments must decide who gets best court, time to play, etc. then look at the rankings at that stage, that is a objective standard. Now look at this years ATP finals, who is nr.1 at this stage, and must get preferential treatment to start playing the previous Sunday, in order to have a extra day off, if he goes all the way to the finals. Answer: Djokovic. But who started on last Sunday, and now has a extra day off, yes, the nr. 2/3: Federer. So yes, there is unfortunately a case that Fed gets preferential treatment. Take the doubt about it out of the picture, by giving the best ranked player the better options. Then nobody can complain or have questions.
bastion bastion il y a 19 minutes
Federer won first two sets at Wimbledon. So it was just a repeat in some sense ))) Usually Federer know how to play against big serving guys, I don't know what happened at their previous match. Hidden injury may be. More probably Federer can lose to some very stable player like other three from big four and rather to Kei than to Kevin.
Genie Ovie Genie Ovie il y a 2 heures
Actually he just has to win 6 games. Even if he lost in straights, he can still advance.
endaugust endaugust il y a 20 heures
Both Aga and Lucie retire in the same week. This is truly heart breaking :(
Vinayak Vinayak il y a 23 heures
ILoveTennis ILoveTennis il y a 1 jour
Nole is back and ready to terrorize the tour again it would seem. Hope he can pass Rafas GS total in the coming years.
Xan Xero Xan Xero il y a 1 jour