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Wimbledon Day 9 - headlines and sidelines
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Wimbledon Day 9 - headlines and sidelines

Published by , Wednesday 07/11/18 23:06

Headlines and sidelines at Wimbledon on Wednesday:

- Headlines -

+ Federer in shock defeat to Anderson

+ Anderson first South African man in semis in 35 years

+ Nadal downs Del Potro in five sets

+ Djokovic blasts 'unfair' umpire

+ Nadal, Djokovic meet in semi-final clash

- Who's saying what -

"Hurry up, I want to watch the football."

-- Fan on Court One as Roger Federer and Kevin Anderson were locked at 8-8 in the final set of their epic.

"I didn't see it coming."

-- Federer on his shock five-set defeat

"Do you think I ruined the court?"

-- Novak Djokovic to umpire Carlos Ramos after being handed code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct for smashing his racquet into the ground against Kei Nishikori

"I thought it was unnecessary to get the warning, I knew how I threw the racquet and it didn't harm the grass. Nishikori threw his in the fourth set and the umpire said he didn't see it. So it is not fair but it is what it is."

-- Djokovic vents his anger post-match

"Obviously at this sort of event, playing against an opponent like Roger is going to have a lot of coverage. I really hope it's an example of sticking to your dreams and keep believing in yourself."

-- Kevin Anderson on beating Federer

"Sorry to Juan Martin, he's an amazing opponent and player. In some ways he deserves to win as well."

-- Rafael Nadal after his semi-final win over Del Potro

"Rafa always has something more than the other guys on tour. He's a great champion."

-- Del Potro

"When I fell at the end, I wanted to stay down on the ground all night."

-- Del Potro

- Royal Box watch -

-- US actress Mariska Hargitay, actor Richard E Grant, golfer Rory McIlroy and Virgin supremo Richard Branson in the comfortable chairs on Centre Court.

Source: AFP

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Serena just announced she won't be playing for the rest of the season. Her 2018 season is over.
IJD IJD il y a 3 heures
Get well. Cibulkova is no pushover or else Halep still could have won :)
Anticipate Anticipate il y a 8 heures
Serena was a good tennis player but that’s where her good qualities end. She is far from a role model. If my daughter ended up behaving like her I would be ashamed. Polar opposite of Osaka who is a great role model.
Wesley Babik Wesley Babik il y a 8 heures
Looks like #340 in a world gave Murray pretty haRd time. By the time, if he even regains his form it'll be time to retire.
hgi.195b hgi.195b il y a 13 heures
Monfils fulfilled his potential. He's a first real clown to become a first real tennis player
hgi.195b hgi.195b il y a 19 heures
Yes ...,Yes.,Yes!!!😀
silentjee silentjee il y a 1 jour