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Congratulations.. Keep it up with Good work
pankajraj2127 pankajraj2127 il y a 20 minutes
The story here is not that he swore but that he wasn't adult enough to apologise for it, even if he didn't mean it. And he got off lightly; didn't even get a code violation, where others have for swearing less. The only reason I imagine it was raised by the reporter was because it was a whole tirade of "f***"s rather than one single word. If he hadn't behaved like a childish brat at the press conference this story wouldn't exist. He makes his own trouble.
Happyrains Happyrains il y a 23 minutes
Strycova always knows how to beat muguruza especially on grass It's not that big of a surprise
dayoubbassel dayoubbassel il y a 48 minutes
IJD IJD il y a 7 heures
Leiron Leiron il y a 13 heures
R&R then strawberries & cream. You are officially Feared..
KKomikal KKomikal il y a 16 heures