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CONGRATULATIONS NOLE, I am so happy for you. See what beef and Vajda do. Imagine what you can do if you eat a little more of it Lol. US Open is waiting 🌏🌏GOAT.
Nolanafan Nolanafan il y a 20 minutes
Federer, you stink
jabbs jabbs il y a 26 minutes
Fred, ridiculous as usual
Anticipate Anticipate il y a 1 heure
Wow, great job bertens, most people didn't believe in you
gunjujide gunjujide il y a 2 heures
Don't forget, Novak had last three very tough matches and 2 in one day and Roger is coming from a vacation. Best wishes Nole, Idemooooooo
Nolanafan Nolanafan il y a 8 heures
Well done Kiki and hard luck Petra
ali ali il y a 17 heures