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De Minaur:

De Minaur: "I'm devastated, but the risk of aggravation is too high"

It was obviously with great reluctance that Alex De Minaur withdrew before facing Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon quarter-finals. Seriously injured in the hip at the end of his round-of-16 match against Arthur Fils, the Australian was hoping to defend his chances in spite of everything.

But the medical tests he underwent revealed too high a risk of aggravation. He explained this in a press conference (see video below).

Alex De Minaur: "This is obviously not an announcement I wanted to make, far from it. I'm devastated to have to withdraw because of a hip injury, a small tear in the fibrous cartilage at the end of the adductor or connected to it.

I felt a big crack during the last three points of my match against Fils and had a scan yesterday which confirmed that this was the injury and that there was a high risk of aggravation if I were to go on court."

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What a violin solo concerto for all Muuuuuuuuusetti"
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StAdam StAdam
Can I see tears? xaxaxaxa.... Idemooooooo bre!
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Damirica Damirica
With Novak's miraculous recovery from surgery, I sometimes think, did he actually have surgery or is it another trick, as Novak said he knows all the tricks.
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Snoopy 10 Snoopy 10
All faithful Novak followers are invited for his next Sundays violin solo concerto on Central Court
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StAdam StAdam
Carlitos VAMOSSSSS! Let's Repeat this once more!
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