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Djokovic congratulated by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish soccer player was in Torino to witness the Serb's 6th title at the ATP Finals.
Ruud, Casper [3]
Djokovic, Novak [7]
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It was a little shove. The ex made it seem like he bashed the cr.ap outta her
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hbicb98 hbicb98
He pushed her. That's all? Not to down play assault her saying she had trauma from being pushed. I think she is milking it. Not even a Nick fan here
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Reneliwe Mocke Reneliwe Mocke
I'm glad Nick took responsibility for his foolish actions. That's what a real man does. I wish Sasha had been as honest. Every human being makes mistakes. Better to be honest and thoughtful.
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Aussieplayerz Aussieplayerz
@Renelive..yah.. Pushed her, when he was trying to leave, and she was preventing him.. Good ruling.. Go Nick..good luck for a speedy recovery
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HelenaSroka HelenaSroka
This matter has taken 2 years to reach this stage - a final hearing - and the magistrate deemed it only necessary to give the respondent (Nick) a mild reprimand. That's it. The matter should have been
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Bobo. Bobo.