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Ruud: "Congrats Novak. I can't imagine how difficult this year have been for you by times. What your overcomes and achieve is impressive."
Ruud, Casper [3]
Djokovic, Novak [7]
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I'm not sure how other people understood it. I understood it he is off the hook FOR NOW because of INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE, and as they stipulated: "findings may however be re-evaluated should new evide
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Srki Johannesburg Srki Johannesburg
I am so glad he won this judgment. Yes as one person said, only the two of them know what really happened, but I am satisfied by the numerous rulings in his favor! Now focus on your tennis!!!
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Gary H Gary H
Yes, sometimes winning is about timing. When MAIN Favorite is ready and willing to play, but not allowed to play, it gives a chance to others to win. Just to add and be "part of the conversation", Dj
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Ckalja Ckalja
Djokovic deserves his win. It doesn't matter whether the main competition is in the tournament or not. He still had to go out and win seven rounds. Life is about timing. Had Monica not been attacked b
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Aussieplayerz Aussieplayerz
It's not like Nole stole money from someone. He deserved it. He started without money and it was harder for him than for Rafa or Federer, or most of tennis players.
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Milutin Milutin