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Sabalenka: "I'm super happy that I was able to get this win. Magda played really great tennis. And... Yeah I'm just super happy right now."
Linette, Magda
Sabalenka, Aryna [5]
2e, 6740 points
19e, 1770 points
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Wooow.....not playing and still regaining his rightful #1 place. Just imagine if he was playing. Idemo....
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Ckalja Ckalja
Why not condemning the dictatorship governments that systematically attack sovereign countries all over the world, killing thousands of innocent people. Those governments are still going by the same o
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Ckalja Ckalja
I don't like wars but here the players didn't start the war neither can they stop the war. Banning the players only degraded the competitive nature of the game. Even the winners won't cent percent sa
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Neli M. Neli M.
16-14😳. What a tie breaker
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Darren Christi Darren Christi
In her fifth set point Petra take the first set, she saved SIX set points. Incredible. GO PETRA!!
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Akagami Shanks Akagami Shanks