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'A champion on and off the court: sport pays tribute to Andy Murray

The Guardian
Friday 11 January 2019 13:58

Everyone from Billie Jean King and Greg Rusedski to golfer Justin Rose and Hibs boss Neil Lennon has sent well wishesThe world of sport – from tennis to golf and even a Bundesliga club – have been offering up words of support for Andy Murray after the three-time grand slam winner admitted he will retire this year and possibly even this month.Speaking in the build-up to his first-round match at the Australian Open, Murray said: “In December I spoke to my team and I told them: ‘I cannot keep doing this. Look, I think I can get through this until Wimbledon. That’s where I would like to stop playing.’ But I am not certain I am able to do that.” Related: Andy Murray: a career of grit and triumph nears an emotional close | Kevin Mitchell Nobody has done more for British tennis than you and it looks like nobody will for many years to come. You have been an inspiration, friend and role model to me from the get go and I thank you for everything. Hope to see you out there for as long as possible @andy_murray, just watched your conference. Please don’t stop trying. Keep fighting. I can imagine your pain and sadness. I hope you can overcome this. You deserve to retire on your own terms, whenever that happens. We love you @andy_murray and we want to see you happy and doing well. When you search for examples of “emptied the bucket to be as good as they could be” there should be a picture of Andy Murray sitting under that quote. Remarkable discipline for training, competition, sacrifice, perfection, a little crazy but a legend of a bloke. Bravo Andy Just thinking out loud here. He deserves his moment to say goodbye at Wimbledon. He’s too important to Great Britain and Wimbledon history to not have it..... Would be a pretty cool moment to play doubles w his bro at Wimby if he can’t play singles will come to an end for us all but the friendships will last a lifetime. What you’ve done for the sport will live on forever. I’m hoping for a strong and healthy finish for you, my friend! @andy_murray Andy #Murray. A career that speaks for itself.

Wimbledon Champion
US Open Champion
Australian Open Final
French Open Final

Davis Cup Winner
Olympic Gold
World No.1

100% from start to finish. Inspiring.My heart breaks listening to @andy_murray during his press conference... Hope he will make it through to Wimbledon and have the farewell he deserves . #greatguyMy thoughts are with @andy_murray and I really hope we continue to see you fighting on court so you can retire on your own terms. Get well soon... Tennis is better with you. You are a champion on and off the court. So sorry you cannot retire on your own terms, but remember to look to the future. Your greatest impact on the world may be yet to come. Your voice for equality will inspire future generations. Much love to you & your family. true. Feel down to the bone for Andy Murray right now. Amazing player, fighter, nr 1 and multiple GS champion. Deepest respect.A modern great for moments like this...

After an emotional announcement that retirement is on the horizon, it’s worth reliving *THAT* match point from @andy_murray to win the 2015 #DavisCup for @BritishTennis @andy_murray that I know will absolutely make it to Wimbledon to play his final tournament. Not many with more heart, effort in the history of the game. Was always a pleasure to share the court pal.Andy will always be a titan of our sport. A hero of mine throughout my career. A true warrior whenever he steps on the court. sad to hear that @andy_murray You are a true champion of our sport and great example for all of us!Stay strong Murray is our best British tennis player in the Open era. He is one of the best athletes, tactician & competitor to grace our sport.He should be so proud of his incredible career . 3 GS, 1 DavisCup winner,2 Olympic Golds , Year end World no.1 , 45 titles! The realest Andy you are the best no matter what! And so strong! All the respect !What a career @andy_murray keep it going as everybody wants to watch you @Wimbledon in July mate. #GOAT

–– 3x Grand Slams
–– 2x Olympic gold medals
–– ATP Finals
–– 2016 world No.1
–– 14x Masters 1000 titles
–– 8x Grand Slam finals
–– 45 total ATP titles

Legend| “Andy Murray is an inspiration and a role model. He’s been the ideal mentor to Fraser Murray and Ryan Porteous. I hope he’s able to finish an incredible career on his terms. Everyone at Hibernian Football Club is rooting for him.” Neil Lennon. you hear #AndyMurray is retiring #UpTheMainz sad when a sporting career comes to an end. Sadder still when it’s one of the greatest sportsmen that these islands has ever produced. Wish @andy_murray all the very best. A truly wonderful tennis player, and an absolute credit to his sport. Well played, Sir. Andy,

Whatever happens next, you've done more than you know.#Wimbledon Continue reading...

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