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Being an absolute boss: podcasts of the week

The Guardian
Friday 19 May 2017 08:00

From actual bosses to metaphorical ones, this week’s podcasts are leaders in their field. Don’t forget to subscribe!It’s podday (what do you think of podday? I’ve just made it up and am trying to go with it), the day where all your podcasting dreams come true. It is also my birthday week, hooray! In the Slaney household, a birthday week means anyone who has a birthday coming up can be Veruca Salt for exactly seven days around the date. I’ve been stomping around, acting very superior – you should try it, it’s jolly good fun. So, this week I’ve chosen podcasts about being an absolute boss. Both literally and metaphorically. Shall we begin? NO, wait. Subscribe to our podcast newsletter! Now we can begin: Related: The Guardian Podcasts Boss = Patricia LockwoodI was very excited to stumble upon the Movidiam podcast. Its guests are creative professionals from all over the world and in all different industries, so there is a little something for everyone. Guests share their insight into their personal journeys and discussions on the current state of the industry, opening up the conversation for what’s in store for brands, agencies and production companies in the years to come. Episodes feature chief marketing officers, top agency creative directors and producers giving listeners a unique perspective on the opportunities, challenges and changes facing these companies.Five years ago, Catherine Whitaker and David Law brought us the Tennis Podcast, a weekly conversation about the nonstop world of professional tennis. Nearly 300 episodes later, it is still going, and better than ever. The pair discuss the week’s tennis news, reminisce, make bold predictions and often disagree. There are quotable lines aplenty – “trying to imagine a player better than Roger Federer is like trying to imagine a new colour” is a personal favourite.Tennis has been littered with controversy recently – anti-doping cases, racism, match-fixing, sexism – and David and Catherine tackle these contentious issues head on. They have established a likeable dynamic, with gentle mocking and subtle ripostes. Crucially, their willingness to challenge each other means we always hear both sides. Continue reading...

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