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Boris Becker: ‘Tennis is a different sport when you become the hunted’

The Guardian
Monday 22 May 2023 19:00

The German reveals his fears for Emma Raducanu, watching Novak Djokovic win from prison and why he loves Wimbledon“The thing with advice is that, in hindsight, you’re always smarter,” says Boris Becker on a blue-eyed Paris morning as he contemplates what words of wisdom he would give his 17-year-old self, given all that has happened since. He pauses. Mulls it over. And ultimately decides: not a lot, actually.“If I had asked anybody in 1985, ‘Can I win Wimbledon?’ the advice would have been no,” he says. “And I think 99% of people would have said it’s impossible to defend it when I was 18. But I did it. So good advice is a double-edged sword.” Continue reading...

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