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Roger Federer hopes to bow out of tennis in doubles alongside Rafael Nadal

The Guardian
Wednesday 21 September 2022 16:29

Retiring Swiss player prepares for final match, at the Laver CupPairing would be ‘great message’ to tennis ‘and maybe beyond’After spending so many of their best years battling on the biggest stages in men’s tennis as they took their sport to unforeseen levels, Roger Federer hopes he will play the final match of his illustrious tennis career in doubles alongside his old rival, Rafael Nadal. “Of course. No doubt,” Federer said after being asked on Wednesday if partnering with Nadal would appeal to him.“For us as well to go through a career that we both have had and to come out on the other side and being able to have a nice relationship is maybe a great message to not just tennis but sports and maybe even beyond.” Continue reading...

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