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Sports quiz of the week: Masters, macaroni cheese and match point

The Guardian
Friday 12 April 2019 16:32

Who found love? Who served steak? Who had a massive boost?Who hosted a dinner party this week and laid on a menu of rib-eye steak, mac and cheese, creamed spinach and creamed corn?Jordan SpiethPatrick ReedSergio GarcíaRory McIlroyRory McIlroy is aiming to complete his “career slam” at Augusta this weekend. Which of these golfers also won the Open, US Open and PGA Championship, but never won the Masters?Arnold PalmerNick Faldo Lee Trevino Phil Mickelson Formula One celebrates its 1,000th race at the Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday. Where was the first Grand Prix held back in 1950?SilverstoneMonacoSan MarinoDakarWatford have made it to the FA Cup final for only the second time in their history. Who beat them the first time they reached the final?Plymouth ArgyleIpswich TownSunderlandEvertonWhy did an international wheelchair tennis tournament have to move venues this week?The arena did not have wheelchair accessThe organisers had mistakenly booked a table tennis venueThe tennis court was built on a slopeThe building was not tall enough and balls kept hitting the ceilingBritish tennis player Tara Moore was losing 0-6, 0-5 and facing match point. What happened next?The rain came on, the game was delayed and officials ended up calling it a drawThe lights in the arena went off due to a power cut and the match was called offHer opponent tripped on the court, injured her ankle and conceded the matchShe came back and won 0-6, 7-6, 6-3What did a referee do on the pitch before kickoff in a Romanian fourth division game this week?He sent off three players who were laughing at his new haircutHe took a pee in the centre-circleHe got down on one knee and proposed marriage to his assistant refereeHe took the ball and performed 100 keep-ups to impress the players and "discourage any disrespect"FC Zurich tweeted the news that Florent Malouda had stopped coaching at the club "by mutual consent" this week. How did Malouda reply to the tweet?"You better pay my wages this month!""I'm unfollowing you now"“Really, I didn’t know that??”"Your job was a massive waste of my time anyway"Which two cities are involved when the Falcons play the Tigers and City play United on Friday night?Melbourne and SydneyNewcastle and Leicester Austin and Dallas Toronto and VancouverWho did Scotland women’s football team beat this week? Clue: Scotland men's team has played this country 10 times without ever beating them.GermanyBrazilEnglandNorthern Ireland1 and above.Oh dear2 and above.Oh dear3 and above.That's respectable – just about4 and above.That's respectable – just about5 and above.That's a respectable score. Have a good weekend6 and above.That's a fine score. Have a good weekend7 and above.That's an excellent score. Have a great weekend8 and above.That's a mighty fine score. Have a great weekend9 and above.That's a mighty fine score. Have a great weekend0 and above.Oh dear10 and above.Perfection. You are awesome Continue reading...

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