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Todd Reid tragedy shows talent and self-belief do not guarantee glory | Kevin Mitchell

The Guardian
Wednesday 7 November 2018 13:28

Todd Reid won Junior Wimbledon in 2002 but illness, disillusionment and serial comebacks meant his name flickered across the tennis firmament too brieflyAs young Stefanos Tsitsipas whipped away the headphones that connected him to his father and coach in the stands during a break in his tough match against Jaume Munar in Milan this week, it was tempting to picture the young Greek’s career following a familiar path of entitlement and misunderstanding.Could he be the new Nick Kyrgios – or Bernard Tomic? All the ingredients were there: outrageous talent, impetuosity, single-mindedness, the brooding impatience of the favoured son. Related: Rafael Nadal pulls out of ATP Finals and to undergo ankle surgery Continue reading...

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