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Wimbledon quarter-finals: Murray falls to Querrey, Djokovic forced to retire, Federer beats Raonic - as it happened

The Guardian
Wednesday 12 July 2017 19:42

Roger Federer was the only member of the Big Four still standing after Andy Murray hobbled to a five-set defeat to Sam Querrey, who will play Marin Cilic, and Novak Djokovic retired injured against Tomas BerdychAndy Murray hobbles out of Wimbledon to Sam Querrey in last eightThe Recap: get the best of our coverage emailed to you each Friday 6.42pm BST Related: Roger Federer beats Milos Raonic in three sets to go into Wimbledon semis 6.37pm BST What a strange day. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have both hobbled out of the tournament and it’s the first time since 2005 that only one member of the Big Four has made it to the Wimbledon semis. That man’s Roger Federer. He’s through to play Tomas Berdych on Friday. The other semi will be contested by Marin Cilic and Sam Querrey. It’s Federer’s to lose, but it’s time to expect the unexpected. That’s all from me today. Thanks for reading and emailing. Bye. 6.32pm BST Djokovic is the 10th player to retire. “We’ve had a very long, very tough year with a lot of matches. Bodies have taken a lot physically. As an athlete, one way or another you are going to experience this kind of thing. Injuries are part of sport.” 6.31pm BST Djokovic continues. “The intensity and level of pain was increasing as the days went by. I was feeling it since the beginning of the tournament. I kept doing everything with my physiotherapist. It was only getting worse. Today was the worst day. Probably the fact I played yesterday, days adding up, it wasn’t helping. I’m not a specialist but I’m going to speak with some and understand what needs to be done. I haven’t considered not starting. I always like to give it a shot and step on the court. That’s all I could do.” 6.29pm BST Djokovic says he will talk with specialists to see how he can solve the problem. He says he needs to rest. 6.28pm BST Was it challenging to play back-to-back days? “Those kind of circumstances don’t really help. At the end of the day it’s the kind of situation you have to accept. I spent two hours on the table. It wasn’t to be. For an athlete there is no way out if you don’t feel fit.” 6.27pm BST Novak Djokovic speaks. “It’s not the shoulder, it’s the elbow that keeps bothering me. For over a year and a half actually. It’s unfortunate I have to finish Wimbledon in this way. I was able for 30 minutes to play with some pain that was bearable. All the treatments and medication couldn’t help. The serves and forehands were where I could feel it the most and after that there was really no point.” 6.26pm BST Well, who’d have thought that only one member of the Big Four would still be standing at the end of play on the second Wednesday? That decision to skip the French Open by Federer doesn’t look too bad now. 6.24pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer* 7-4 Raonic (*denotes server): After a short rally, Raonic screws a backhand wide. What a tie-break from Federer, who leaps with joy after sealing his place in another Wimbledon semi-final. He has revenge for last year and his sights on an eighth title here! 6.23pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer* 6-4 Raonic (*denotes server): Federer earns two match points with an ace. 6.22pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer 5-4 Raonic* (*denotes server): Raonic serves big to restore some hope. 6.22pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer 4-3 Raonic* (*denotes server): Oh. Oh. Oh! Oh, I say! Raonic chips and charges. Federer runs on the ball out on the right and bends a stunner of a forehand past the Canadian, down the line and on to the line! 6.21pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer* 4-3 Raonic (*denotes server): Federer uses a body serve and gobbles up a backhand volley to claim his fourth straight point. 6.20pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer* 3-3 Raonic (*denotes server): Raonic tries a forehand pass from right to left, but Federer’s too smart with a volley. 6.19pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer 2-3 Raonic* (*denotes server): Raonic serves wide. Federer pings a spectacular forehand pass down the line. 6.19pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer 1-3 Raonic* (*denotes server): Federer gets back one mini-break with a fine forehand down the line that Raonic can’t handle at the net. 6.18pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer* 0-3 Raonic (*denotes server): Raonic crashes a forehand down the line to take a very firm grip on proceedings! 6.17pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer* 0-2 Raonic (*denotes server): Federer puts a seemingly simple forehand wide. 6.16pm BST Third set tie-break: Federer 0-1 Raonic* (*denotes server): Federer flicks a backhand into the net. 6.15pm BST Federer holds with one of those backhand flays. Tie-break. 6.13pm BST The Djokovic result has flashed up on the Centre Court scoreboard. There are gasps. Roger Federer remains poker-faced. 6.12pm BST Back on Centre Court, Milos Raonic holds easily for 6-5. He’s got a tie-break at least. 6.11pm BST Novak Djokovic’s early retirement means Andy Murray can’t be caught at the top of the rankings. Yet. 6.10pm BST Tomas Berdych looks rather sheepish after, er, claiming his, er, third ever win over Novak Djokovic. The world No4 decided that the pain in his elbow was too much and he’s out of the tournament. What a gimme for Berdych. He’s through to the semis. This is turning into a rather drab affair on the men’s side, isn’t it? 6.08pm BST Novak Djokovic has retired! 6.07pm BST Tomas Berdych has broken in the second game of the second set to lead 7-6, 2-0! Deep, penetrative hitting draws the error from Djokovic. Back on Centre Court, Raonic comes through deuce to hold for 5-4 in the third. Can he force a fourth set? 6.02pm BST After a medical timeout, Novak Djokovic is ready for the second set on Court 1. He’d won 14 sets in a row against Tomas Berdych. Not a 15th, though. I wonder if he’ll suffer the kind of collapse we saw against Dominic Thiem in Paris? 6.00pm BST Back on Centre Court, Milos Raonic has held and lost three break points in the eighth game of the third set. Federer saved them all and he ends up holding for 4-4 with a dreamy touch at the net. 5.59pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych* 7-2 Djokovic (*denotes server): Djokovic approaches the net, but Berdych does enough with a backhand down the line to force the Serbian to net a volley! The trainer’s on for Djokovic. He’s having treatment on his elbow and he looks grim. 5.57pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych 6-2 Djokovic* (*denotes server): Djokovic pounces on a short return to save the first set point with a backhand. 5.56pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych* 6-1 Djokovic (*denotes server): Djokovic nets a poor slice. 5.55pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych* 5-1 Djokovic (*denotes server): Djokovic nudges a backhand wide off a second serve. 5.55pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych 4-1 Djokovic* (*denotes server): Djokovic nets at the end of an attritional rally. 5.54pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych 3-1 Djokovic* (*denotes server): Berdych nets a forehand. 5.53pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych* 3-0 Djokovic (*denotes server): Djokovic sends a forehand wide. 5.53pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych* 2-0 Djokovic (*denotes server): Berdych is animated when a point has to be replayed after a good serve’s called out. He’s happier when Djokovic deflects a return wide. 5.51pm BST First-set tie-break: Berdych 1-0 Djokovic* (*denotes server): Berdych makes a fine start with a surprise drop shot after a fantastic return. 5.50pm BST Looking to force a first-set tie-break, Tomas Berdych, races into a 40-0 lead. You feel he’s playing at his maximum, whereas Novak Djokovic can still go up a level or two. So it proves when Djokovic charges to deuce. Eventually Berdych holds. 5.37pm BST After taking a rather lengthy toilet break after the second set, Milos Raonic is feeling more peppy and he earns his first break point in the second game of the third set. The unflappable Federer saves it with accurate serving and holds with an ace. 5.30pm BST There’s no sign of a break on Court 1. It’s still on serve after seven games and Djokovic leads 4-3. 5.27pm BST “Any ideas on what’s happened to Milos’ forehand?” says Michael Devine. “It’s a completely different stroke in this match—high, looping topspins that sit up invitingly and land short, as opposed to his usual flat stroke. If this is Mark Knowles’ work, I’d say his tenure is going to be short.”
Raonic has had a few injury problems this year, so perhaps he’s not at full pelt. Still, he’s dropping his forehands very short today and that’s asking for it against Federer, who’s giving it the treatment. 5.25pm BST Federer earns three set points with an ace. This is preposterous. He pings a forehand into the left corner and Raonic nets a backhand. The Canadian’s surely not winning this one. 5.18pm BST Here’s a report on Marin Cilic’s win by Simon Cambers. Related: Wimbledon: Marin Cilic beats Gilles Müller to set up Querrey semi-final 5.15pm BST Milos Raonic coolly saves two break points, but there’s no denying Roger Federer on the third. Another singing crosscourt backhand does the job as Raonic stretches and plants a volley wide for Federer to break again and lead 6-4, 4-1. I wonder if he’s after a spot of revenge after last year. 5.13pm BST This is a masterclass from Roger Federer. They’re underway on Court 1, meanwhile. Can Berdych stun Djokovic? 5.02pm BST Roger Federer earns a break point with a glorious backhand pass. Milos Raonic, desperate not to go for the Federer forehand, runs around a backhand and plonks a forehand a few yards wide to drop his serve in the opening game of set two. This doesn’t look it’s going to be an epic. 4.56pm BST The sun breaks out from behind the clouds as Federer moves into a 30-0 lead, Raonic unable to do anything with a couple of returns. He swings a serve down the T to earn two set points. An ace down the middle, his fifth of the set, does the trick.Superb from Federer, who takes the first set 6-4. The Swiss has hit 14 winners and just two unforced errors so far 4.54pm BST Milos Raonic volleys stoutly to hold after being taken to deuce, but Federer’s about to serve for the first set at 5-4. On Court 1, meanwhile, Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych are being wheeled out. Djokovic has a fairly healthy lead in their head-to-head: 25-2. Ouch. 4.49pm BST Roger Federer holds breezily to lead 5-3. Raonic has won three points on the Federer serve. 4.46pm BST Back to the action and Roger Federer’s taken charge on Centre Court. He’s broken Milos Raonic and leads 4-3 in the first set. 4.45pm BST That’s all from Andy Murray. The main thing to take away from that is he hasn’t ruled out taking a rest after this defeat. Could that mean missing the US Open? We’ll have to wait and see, but I’d say it isn’t out of the question. 4.44pm BST How will he unwind? “Go home and spend time with my family. Tomorrow’s back to work. I’ll do whatever, sit with my team, sit down with them tomorrow and discuss the plan moving forward. There’s no time to waste.” 4.43pm BST Murray says he won’t be looking at changing anything in his team. 4.42pm BST Will you seek any fresh medical advice? “I will get the best advice possible and speak to my team about where to go next. This year has been frustrating at times. It’s not been the easiest. I want to come back.” 4.42pm BST Marin Cilic will be Sam Querrey’s semi-final opponent. He’s beaten Gilles Muller 3-6, 7-6 (5), 7-5, 5-7, 6-1 on Court 1. 4.41pm BST Can you be more specific about the injury? “I’m not going to go into all the details about exactly what my hip issues are. I’ve been dealing with it a very long time. As you get older things are harder to manage. There’s a bit more wear and tear there. I’ve managed to deal with it for a very long time. Moving forward I’ll be able to get through it. I need to do all the right things and be even more diligent and professional than I have been recently. I feel I’ve done all the right stuff but I need to do more and come back the other side of it a better player and athlete.” 4.39pm BST Did his late arrival affect his preparation today? “Not really, I did arrive a bit later than I anticipated but I always give myself enough time. I planned to arrive four and a half hours before the match and I got here four hours before the match. It wasn’t a big deal.” 4.38pm BST Murray on Konta: “I hope Jo goes on to win the tournament. I saw her match yesterday and she played really well under pressure in the second set. 4.37pm BST Do you think you need a long break? “I don’t know. It depends. I’ll get the best advice I can. If it means resting for a few weeks, so be it. If it means training and rehab, I’ll do it. Before Wimbledon it’s a short-term mindset. I did the best I could. Now I’ll listen to my team and get the best advice I can and make a decision after that.” 4.35pm BST Andy, Sam is the first American to make Wimbledon semis since 2009... “Male player.” Excuse me? “Male player.” 4.34pm BST Is there any sense of relief that Wimbledon is over? “No, it’s not a relief.” 4.34pm BST Did you think you could win the tournament? “I was pretty close today. I wasn’t a million miles away from winning. The end was a bit of a struggle but I almost found a way to get into the semis. I did think I was close-ish. I got through five matches. The end today was tough.” 4.33pm BST Did he think about calling the trainer? “No. It was nothing much they can do there in that situation.” 4.33pm BST Is Murray worried about losing his No1 ranking? “Not really. I haven’t played well enough. If it doesn’t happen at this tournament, it will happen by the end of the US Open. I go away now and try and find a way to get back there.” 4.32pm BST Has he had any discussions about fixing the problem? “No, before the tournament it was short-term. You want to play Wimbledon. We were looking at short-term options. I got through a bunch of matches and did ok. I’ll sit down with my team. The US Open is six or seven weeks away. I’ll sit down with my team and look what to do next.” 4.31pm BST How important was it for Murray not to retire? “I knew I wasn’t going to do any major damage by playing, so I wanted to try and find a way at the end. It wasn’t the case. Sam served great. The end of the fourth set and fifth set, it felt like he hardly missed any first serves, he was acing me every time. He was dictating.” 4.30pm BST Andy Murray speaks. “I think I had chances in the first three sets. The second set, I was up 4-3 and then got broken twice there. That obviously turned out to be an important part of the match. Maybe I could have got the match done in three sets there. Sam served extremely well at the end of the match and loosened up and was going for his shots. The whole tournament I’ve been a little bit sore but I tried my best right to the end. I’m proud about that. There was obviously an opportunity. I’m sad it’s over.” 4.28pm BST Andy Murray has appeared for his press conference. His t-shirt says BANGERS AND SMASH. 4.27pm BST They’re underway in the second match on Centre Court. Serving big, Milos Raonic holds to love, the speed gun clocking one ace at 140mph. 4.22pm BST It’s Marin Cilic’s to lose now on Court 1. He’s broken to 15 to lead 2-0 in the fifth set. 4.20pm BST Roger Federer and Milos Raonic have turned up on Centre Court. You’ll remember that Raonic beat Federer in five sets last year. Andy Murray will be in press soon, though, and I’ll be bringing you his words as they fall out his mouth. 4.13pm BST A rather more dramatic five-setter’s unfolding on Court 1. Gilles Muller has coped with heavy pressure from Marin Cilic in the fourth set to snatch it 7-5 and force a decider. There’s no putting the 16th seed away this week! 4.05pm BST Murray’s lost four matches from 2-1 up since September: Nishikori in the US Open, Del Potro in the Davis Cup, Wawrinka in Paris and Querrey here. 28th-ranked Querrey is the lowest player Murray’s ever lost to at Wimbledon. 4.00pm BST “Murray loves his boxing,” says Patrick Brewer. “He’s basically doing what Chris Eubank senior said to Mike Costello on BBC this week. You don’t quit until you cannot go any further. You fight until you cannot. Murray is a brave man.” 3.59pm BST Expert analysis: Andy Murray needs a long break. 3.58pm BST While Sam Querrey was giving that interview, Andy Murray was still on court signing autographs. 3.56pm BST Sam Querrey speaks after reaching his first grand slam semi-final. “I’m still in a bit of shock. I didn’t start my best. I kept swinging away. Everything seemed to be falling my way. It feels great. I’m going to enjoy this one a little bit tomorrow and have an easy day tomorrow.” 3.54pm BST Related: Andy Murray crashes out of Wimbledon to Sam Querrey in last eight 3.54pm BST Serving for the match, Querrey makes it 30-0 with an ace. He has three match points when a Murray forehand clips the tape and flies wide. Murray saves the first with one last act of defiance, clipping a massive forehand past Querrey. But Querrey takes the second with an ace out wide, Murray almost using his racket as a walking stick as the ball fizzes off to the right. The champion is out. He needs some time off. As for Querrey, he’s into the last four! Take nothing away from the big American. After last year’s win over Djokovic, he’s the man no No1 wants to face at Wimbledon! 3.51pm BST Fifth set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-6, 1-5 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray tries a lob at 15-all. Querrey smashes for 15-30. He tries another lob. Smash. 15-40. The end is nigh. Querrey can’t take the first. But after net shenanigans, Murray trying his heart out and needlessly scampering around, stubborn to the end, Querrey dabs a volley into the open court to break again. “The poor boy, as someone who has endured hip pain I really sympathize, as you say he could have retired but he deserves our applause, you can’t fight this kind of thing,” says Diana Badder. “Like Nalbandian, he will probably have to have an op.” 3.45pm BST Fifth set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-6, 1-4 Querrey* (*denotes server): Showing no signs of nerves, Querrey rattles into a 30-0 lead with an ace and a forehand winner. He holds with two more aces. Murray looks sad. As for Querrey, he’s about to beat the world No1 in two consecutive Wimbledons. He’s also set to become the first American man to reach the semi-final of any slam since Andy Roddick at Wimbledon 2009. 3.42pm BST Fifth set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-6, 1-3 Querrey (*denotes server): A lot of players would have retired by now. Murray, mustering late defiance, battles to 30-15. He fights to 40-30 with a huge backhand. But a double-fault takes the game to deuce. Murray sighs heavily. Somehow he holds, a drop shot and an ace doing the trick. There’s no fist pump, though. 3.36pm BST Fifth set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-6, 0-3 Querrey* (*denotes server): The painkillers are wearing off. The pain is increasing with every point. Querrey rams a forehand down the line for 40-0. Murray’s a sitting duck on the baseline. Querrey holds to love, Murray chopping a slice wide. 3.34pm BST Fifth set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-6, 0-2 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray is grinding to a halt. It’s all catching up with him. It’s 15-30 when he sends a backhand down the line wide. Querrey earns two break points, volleying into the open court. Murray cancels out the first with a drop shot, only to send a stinking backhand wide. 3.30pm BST Fifth set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-6, 0-1 Querrey* (*denotes server): This Querrey v Raonic final’s going to be good. 3.27pm BST Serving to stay in the set, Murray’s hardly moving. Querrey sends a backhand down the line for 15-30. Murray didn’t even bother getting into position. At 30-all, Querrey earns a set point with a big forehand return. Murray saves it with a wide serve for deuce, but Querrey has another after Murray wafts a forehand long. He takes this one. Murray knocks a backhand down the line, but Querrey runs on to it and puts a forehand back into the vacant court. They’re wincing on Centre Court. Is this the match when we finally see the true extent of Murray’s hip injury? 3.22pm BST Fourth set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-5 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey slaps a forehand past Murray for 15-0. He’s won 17 of the past 20 points. Make that 18 of 21; an ace makes it 30-0. Another one makes it 40-0. His 19th of the match takes him a game closer to a fifth set. Murray seems to have mentally checked out. 3.20pm BST Fourth set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-4 Querrey* (*denotes server): This set is in danger of running away from Murray when Querrey drops a forehand return on the line, almost in slow motion, to lead 0-30. Murray nets a backhands to gift Querrey two break points. There’s nothing there at the moment. He’s so flat. He nets another backhand and he is in deep trouble. On Court 1, Marin Cilic leads 3-6, 7-6, 7-5. 3.16pm BST Fourth set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-3 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray won’t stop scrapping, of course, and it’s 0-15 when Querrey mishits two forehands. It looks like it’s 0-30 when Querrey sees a forehand called wide, but the American successfully challenges to make it 15-all. The game goes to 30-all. Querrey makes it 40-30, finding the line with an ace down the middle, and he holds to muted applause when Murray nets a backhand. 3.12pm BST Fourth set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-2 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey slaps a contemptuous forehand return past Murray for 0-15. And it’s 0-30 when Murray knocks a forehand wide. The atmosphere on court’s still tepid. The crowd needs to urge Murray on, but they don’t sound interested. Querrey proceeds to earn three set points with another massive forehand return. He only needs one. Querrey punches a forehand down the line and Murray nets a backhand before hobbling off to his chair. 3.10pm BST Fourth set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-1 Querrey (*denotes server): “Argh!” Murray yelps after butchering a backhand at 0-15. Querrey holds to 15 with an ace. 3.09pm BST Fourth set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 1-0 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray begins the set with a hold to love. It will be interesting to see whether Querrey still believes. 3.04pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray* 7-4 Querrey (*denotes server): At last. Murray serves wide and Querrey nets a forehand return. Murray leads. But this could still go the distance. 3.03pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray* 6-4 Querrey (*denotes server): A lengthy rally ends with Murray sending a volley wide after a fine backhand from Querrey. Three set points have come and gone. 3.02pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray 6-3 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey knocks an ace out wide. Murray will serve for it. 3.02pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray 6-2 Querrey* (*denotes server): A Querrey forehand’s challenged by Murray, who sent his riposte long. It was just in. 3.01pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray* 6-1 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray pings an ace down the middle to earn five set points. 3.00pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray* 5-1 Querrey (*denotes server): Querrey nets a forehand return. 3.00pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray 4-1 Querrey* (*denotes server): Murray makes Querrey run with a backhand into the left corner before coming forward to show him how it’s done with a high forehand volley. Querrey nets his forehand. Murray has a semblance of control. 2.59pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray 3-1 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey somehow wallops the easiest of smashes into the net with Murray completely stranded, almost in the Royal Box! 2.58pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray* 2-1 Querrey (*denotes server): Querrey knocks a backhand return long off a second serve. 2.57pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray* 1-1 Querrey (*denotes server): Querrey sends a forehand return long. 2.57pm BST Third set tie-break: Murray 0-1 Querrey* (*denotes server): A Querrey forehand forces a stretching Murray to net. 2.56pm BST Third set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 6-6 Querrey (*denotes server): Having served for the set, now Murray serves to stay in it. He makes it 40-0 with an ace down the middle and holds with a backhand winner. Tie-break. 2.53pm BST Third set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 5-6 Querrey* (*denotes server): Murray briefly looks like the world No1 again, reaching a Querrey slice and reaching down to hoick a wondrous lob over the American for 0-15. Querrey makes it 15-all with a deft volley; long forehand makes it 15-30; a punchy forehand makes it 30-all. Querrey’s level’s dipping and rising all the time and an ace makes it 40-30. It’s his first chance to creep ahead in the first set. Murray allows him to do so with a frankly pathetic slice. He will serve to force a tie-break. His standard is deeply average. Can anyone see him beating Federer or Djokovic? 2.49pm BST Third set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 5-5 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray tries to keep his emotions in check after netting a backhand for 15-all. The anxiety hasn’t gone away. It’s still very much present. Murray chucks down an 84mph second serve and Querrey nails a backhand for 15-30. Murray didn’t move. He’s in danger of throwing it away here. He nets another low backhand to gift Querrey two break points. This is shocking stuff from the world No1, who drops his serve when Querrey finds the line with a driven crosscourt backhand. 2.43pm BST Third set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 5-4 Querrey* (*denotes server): Serving to stay in the set, Querrey does so easily, holding to love. Murray will serve for it. 2.42pm BST Third set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 5-3 Querrey (*denotes server): The match is level after two sets on Court 1. Gilles Muller gave up a second set point with a double-fault and Marin Cilic won the tie-break with a stupendous forehand pass from right to left. Back on Centre Court, Murray’s moving freely as he scoots on to a backhand and flings it down the line to hold to 15. 2.39pm BST Third set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 4-3 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey holds to love. Murray’s still doing his limping-in-between-points thing. Muller has just saved a set point with a huge serve. 2.37pm BST Third set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 4-2 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray holds to love, Querrey unable to sort out his feet and dumping a forehand into the net. Muller and Cilic are in a tie-break. 2.33pm BST Third set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 3-2 Querrey* (*denotes server): The game features one of those vintage Murray backhand lobs, but Querrey holds to 15 and stalks off to wonder about that first service game. 2.31pm BST Third set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 3-1 Querrey (*denotes server): The game goes to 15-all, Querrey still refusing to make life easy for Murray. But the American does make a lot of errors. He has his head in his hands after sending a slice wide for 30-15. The game ends when Querrey clumps an easy backhand long at the net. 2.28pm BST Third set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 2-1 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey holds comfortably. On Court 1, meanwhile, Gilles Muller has saved a break point to hold for 6-5 in the second set against Marin Cilic. It’s a very good match. 2.24pm BST Third set: Murray* 6-3, 4-6, 2-0 Querrey (*denotes server): Looking to consolidate the break, Murray’s grateful to see Querrey miss a few forehands. He holds to 15. All feels right with the world on Centre Court again. 2.22pm BST Third set: Murray 6-3, 4-6, 1-0 Querrey* (*denotes server): Whatever malaise infected Murray at the end of set two seems to have drifted over into Querrey at the start of this one, as the American falls to 0-30 after two wretched points. Soon Murray has two break points, Querrey caught out when the ball clips the baseline. He challenges, but to no avail, and Murray converts brilliantly, reaching a drop volley and flicking a backhand from left to right to steady the ship with an early break. 2.17pm BST The game goes to 15-all, Murray netting a backhand slice. There are a few murmurs in the crowd. Querrey attacks the net and a sharp backhand volley draws a wide backhand from Murray, who’s down 15-30. This is problematic for the world No1. But a big serve makes it 30-all. Murray does a big C’MON, trying to gee himself up. Then he nets a backhand. This is an awful period for Murray, who’s facing a set point. He nets a first serve. The second serve’s in. Murray pulls Querrey wide with a backhand and the American disappointingly flaps a backhand into the net for deuce, but the 24th seed has another set point after a messy forehand flies long. There’s no mercy this time. Querrey pushes Murray back with a deep forehand and gobbles up a backhand from left to right to level the match! He was a set and a break down - and now look! Murray was cruising along. Now he’s all over the place. Centre Court is stunned. 2.10pm BST Second set: Murray 6-3, 4-5 Querrey* (*denotes server): If Querrey goes on to win this match, that was the turning point. Murray’s focus dipped and Querrey took full advantage with supreme ruthlessness and steel. He holds to 15 here with an 133mph ace and Murray will serve to stay in the second set. 2.08pm BST Second set: Murray* 6-3, 4-4 Querrey (*denotes server): Can Querrey recover? Maybe. It’s not over yet, as he proves by pinging a backhand from left to right for 15-30, and as Murray proves by gifting the 24th seed two break points with a godawful drop shot that barely makes the net. Querrey only needs one. Another firm backhand softens Murray up, allowing him to punch a volley away. 2.04pm BST Second set: Murray 6-3, 4-3 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey’s shoulders slump after a double-fault makes it 0-30 and there’s nothing he can do to stop Murray from claiming three break points. Murray works him over with a crosscourt backhand before drilling a pass down the line in classic style. Querey saves the lot, though. Annoyed that a serve wasn’t called out at 0-40, Murray nets a backhand at 30-40 and proceeds to administer self-punishment, rapping himself with his own racket. Dearie me. Still, he cheers up after earning a fourth chance, though, and he’s not letting Querrey off the hook this time. The backhand’s working and Querrey, stranded at the net, might as well not bother hanging out his racket when Murray slams the ball from left to right. There’s the crucial break. Does Querrey have it in him to come back from this? 1.58pm BST Second set: Murray* 6-3, 3-3 Querrey (*denotes server): Querrey nets two forehands to allow Murray to walk into a 30-0 lead. He changes tack by approaching the net, but Murray picks him off with a low backhand, the American unable to reach down quickly enough. Querrey fights back with a fine forehand return off a second serve, though, before enjoying a slice of luck when a slow backhand clips the top of the net and dies a death on Murray’s side. He’s allowed no closer, though, because then he spanks a backhand long. 1.53pm BST Second set: Murray 6-3, 2-3 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey has a tendency to overhit a lot of his groundstrokes. He seems to swing too much at times, giving the impression he forgets how big the court is. But despite two wayward forehands, he spanks an ace out wide to hold to 30. 1.51pm BST Second set: Murray* 6-3, 2-2 Querrey (*denotes server): Murray cruises into a 40-0 lead. Then he holds with a spinning backhand drop shot that draws oohs and aahs and gurgles from the crowd. It even makes his mum smile. My boy! He’s a genius! 1.47pm BST Second set: Murray 6-3, 1-2 Querrey* (*denotes server): The applause is more insistent when Querrey ends a long rally by drilling a backhand well wide for 0-15. The American’s down 0-30 after another poor backhand. These are dangerous times for Querrey, but Murray’s frustrated when the game drifts to 30-all after he misses a forehand. Murray’s even more annoyed when Querrey serve-volleys for 40-30 before holding with an ace. 1.45pm BST Second set: Murray* 6-3, 1-1 Querrey (*denotes server): The winner of this match plays either Gilles Muller or Marin Cilic next and another upset’s brewing on Court 1. Muller, showing no signs of exhaustion after his epic win over Nadal, broke twice to win the first set 6-3 against the seventh seed, who’s been out of sorts so far. 1.42pm BST Second set: Murray 6-3, 0-1 Querrey* (*denotes server): The frustration for Querrey is that it only took one sloppy game for him to lose the first set. It came early and it was completely out of keeping with the rest of his service games. He’s looking more confident now, holding to love to start this set. He remains threatening. 1.39pm BST Murray raps a backhand from left to right and Querrey, stooping down, nets his backhand for 15-0. It goes to 15-all and Murray makes a bit of a meal out of the next point. He should take a high ball out of the air but instead keeps it alive. He goes for a drop shot. Querrey’s there, but Murray’s backhand forces an errant volley out of the American for 30-15. Querrey makes it 30-all with an accomplished volley, but he’s facing a set point after goofing a return. Murray just has to wait for the error. It doesn’t take long, Querrey overhitting another forehand. 1.35pm BST First set: Murray 5-3 Querrey* (*denotes server): Serving to stay in the set, Querrey stomps into a 40-0 lead with an ace. He holds to 15. There’s not much flow to this match. No rallies to get stuck into. Murray will serve for the first set. The crowd stirs. 1.32pm BST First set: Murray* 5-2 Querrey (*denotes server): So tight during the opening exchanges, Querrey’s beginning to loosen up. He makes it 0-15 with a gloriously deceptive drop shot that Murray never saw coming. But Murray makes it 15-all, punching a forehand into the left corner before charging forward to volley commandingly. Murray rumbles into a 40-15 lead and holds with a big crosscourt forehand. 1.28pm BST First set: Murray 4-2 Querrey* (*denotes server): Querrey will be feeling better after reaching a Murray drop shot and winning the exchange with a forehand dink. Murray’s varying his tactics. He goes for a lob on the next point, but it’s not good enough. Querrey’s starting to get into his serving groove, acing for 40-0, slamming another down the middle to hold to 15. 1.25pm BST First set: Murray* 4-1 Querrey (*denotes server): Trailing 30-15, Querrey tries to treat Murray to a dose of his own medicine - but his backhand lob drifts long. Murray holds to 30 when Querrey, still tense and tentative, nets a forehand return off a second serve. 1.21pm BST First set: Murray 3-1 Querrey* (*denotes server): Joining the party at last, and looking a little frazzled at turning up 10 minutes late, Querrey finds his serve and begins to chuck some bombs at Murray. Soon it’s 40-0. He holds to 15. 1.18pm BST First set: Murray* 3-0 Querrey (*denotes server): This is a messy game. Errors from both ends of the court take it to 30-all. Murray doesn’t want to take his foot off the accelerator, though he’s not having to produce much brilliance here, Querrey knocking another backhand lamely wide. Murray closes it out with an ace. 1.14pm BST First set: Murray 2-0 Querrey* (*denotes server): A little nervy perhaps, Querrey opens this game with a double-fault before plonking a backhand into the net. It’s 0-30 and he hasn’t won a point yet. He could do with a settling ace. Instead he approaches the net. Murray whacks a forehand at him and the American’s volley goes long, offering Murray three break points. Murray’s won seven straight points. Querrey stops the rot with an ace down the middle, but then he hands Murray the game by spanking a forehand long. It’s the perfect start for Murray. 1.12pm BST First set: Murray* 1-0 Querrey (*denotes server): There’s an expectant mood on Centre Court as the match begins with Andy Murray serving. We look for hints of physical wear and tear in the champion. If there are any, he hides them well, holding to love without much fuss. 1.09pm BST 1.04pm BST Tok! Tok! Tokity tok! They’re knocking up. 1.01pm BST After yesterday’s inclement weather at Wimbledon, there’s a chill in the SW19 air today. Crucially, though, there’s been no rain since the early hours. The Centre Court roof is off and the players are out. Over on Court 1, meanwhile, Marin Cilic and Gilles Muller are also out and ready for battle. 12.59pm BST Andy Murray leads the head-to-head 7-1. It’s seven years since Sam Querrey’s only win over the world No1. On the BBC, however, John McEnroe is wondering if Murray will be fit enough to track down enough balls on Centre Court this afternoon. 10.44am BST Hello. If the pessimists are to be believed, and there has been just about enough visible evidence to suspect that they might be on to something, Andy Murray’s sore hip would crumble into dust if you gave it the slightest of taps. Certainly the world No1 looked far from convincing in his sideways movement during his slightly fretful three-set win over Benoit Paire on Monday, a performance that suggested it is Murray’s stubborn mind rather than his body that has carried him into the last eight of Wimbledon. His grip on his title remains shaky.Then again, he likes nothing more than proving people wrong. It’s not long since he was losing in the first round of Queen’s to Jordan Thompson, who made little impression on this tournament, and there was panic over the state of his fitness. How could he possibly hope to make it through seven matches at Wimbledon? Continue reading...

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