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thumbnail Djokovic, Nadal cruise into Monte Carlo quarters - 19:06 1
Top seed Novak Djokovic and 11-time champion Rafael Nadal showed no mercy in dominating wins to power into the Monte Carlo Masters quarter-finals on Thursday. Djokovic extended his winning streak aga... Read more
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07:11 R3 Ramanathan R d. Zhang Z Anning 63.36.63 07:39 R3 Milojevic N d. Martin A Anning 61.67.61 07:16 R3 Duckworth J d. Kubler J Anning 75.76 09:30 R3 Gunneswaran P d. Pavlasek A Anning 75.63 08:53 R3 Bolt A d. Lopez Perez E Anning 63.64 08:39 R3 Majchrzak K d. Janvier M Anning 63.64 11:26 R3 Clarke J d. Thompson J Anning 75.26.62 10:46 R3 Oliveira G d. Jung J Anning 63.76 13:24 R3 Pella G d. Cecchinato M Monte-Carlo 64.46.64 12:57 R3 Medvedev D d. Tsitsipas S Monte-Carlo 62.16.64 13:10 R3 Gimeno-Traver D d. Gaio F Tunis 75.63 13:24 R3 Balazs A d. Sousa P Tunis 46.63.62 13:00 R3 Moroni G d. Otte O Tunis 62.63 15:08 R3 Sonego L d. Norrie C Monte-Carlo 62.75 14:28 R3 Djokovic N d. Fritz T Monte-Carlo 63.60 15:43 R3 Bellucci T d. Bemelmans R Tunis 26.63.63 15:21 R3 Cuevas P d. Troicki V Tunis 75.64 15:17 R3 Domingues J d. Coria F Tunis 64.36.62 16:59 R3 Lajovic D d. Thiem D Monte-Carlo 63.63 16:27 R3 Nadal R d. Dimitrov G Monte-Carlo 64.61 17:37 R3 Giustino L d. Tatlot J Tunis 61.57.63 17:04 R3 Arguello F d. Mansouri S Tunis 75.63 18:15 R3 Giron M d. Laaksonen H Sarasota 76.16.63 18:23 R3 Lorenzi P d. Rubin N Sarasota 26.76.41.ab 18:59 R3 Coric B d. Herbert P Monte-Carlo 64.62 18:19 R3 Fognini F d. Zverev A Monte-Carlo 76.61 02:16' R3 Polansky P vs Brooksby J Sarasota LIVE 20:40 R3 Collarini A d. Fratangelo B Sarasota 64.16.63 20:23 R3 Paul T d. Galan D Sarasota 26.61.61 19:20 R3 Dellien H vs Karatsev A Sarasota Court 4 19:20 R3 Clezar G vs Sandgren T Sarasota Center Court 21:00 R3 Menezes J vs Muller A San Luis Cancha 8 21:00 R3 Gomez-Herrera C vs Mena F San Luis Estadio 22:30 R3 Barrios Vera M vs Souza J San Luis Cancha 8 23:00 R3 Miedler L vs Quiroz R San Luis Cancha 4 23:00 R3 Korda S vs Vukic A Sarasota Center Court 23:00 R3 Seyboth Wild T vs Menendez-Maceiras A San Luis Estadio 00:10 R3 Escobar G vs Huesler M San Luis Cancha 8 01:30 R3 Pavic A vs Escobedo E San Luis Estadio 03:00 R3 Bublik A vs Sakamoto P San Luis Estadio
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Gosh would that be a mouth-watering final to watch: King of clay vs the World No1 after such a match in Australia.
Pixxi Pixxi il y a 43 minutes
This man is made from clay.. More so then the others. Well done King of clay 💪🏼
alihasan khan alihasan khan il y a 9 heures
That’s why he is still dominating after so many years. He’s never satisfied and is always looking to improve. A true role model and icon.
varun alluri varun alluri il y a 21 heures
Do you really think the favorite will win unless he suffers an unexpected upset? Risky prediction, I think we should ask Mr. Chess before going out on a limb.
Dsquared Dsquared il y a 23 heures
@ tennis007. I didn't know that, interesting.
VillageIdiotDan VillageIdiotDan il y a 1 jour
Of course. Doesn't require much lung power at all, but other muscles are used quite a lot.
Anticipate Anticipate il y a 2 jours
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Sonego LITA
76% (751)
CROCoric B
Fognini FITA
39% (307)
61% (472)
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