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thumbnail Vidéo: Nadal's rocket forehand past Pella in Monte-Carlo ! - 20:14 1
Rafael Nadal rips a rocket crosscourt forehand winner to respond to Guido Pella smash at Monte-Carlo.... Read more
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He try to hide his loose
king of clay king of clay il y a 32 minutes
It was a well deserved win. Congrats Danii. Rest well for next match.
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 2 heures
Anticipated and swung! Right place at the right time.
christinenelles88 christinenelles88 il y a 8 heures
Don't think Novak should have talked about GS and RG, do it first, and then do the talk after RG.
bastion bastion il y a 10 heures
alihasan khan alihasan khan il y a 14 heures
Luv u
silent ching silent ching il y a 15 heures