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thumbnail Djokovic extends lead as world no. 1, Fognini climbs rankings - 10:54 4
Novak Djokovic stretched his lead over Rafael Nadal at the top of the ATP rankings on Monday, after the Spaniard's failed bid to win a 12th Monte Carlo Masters title. Djokovic, winner of the last thr... Read more
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06:34 R1 Muramatsu C d. Hesse A Anning 26.63.64 06:42 R1 Zhu L d. Zhang Y Anning 62.36.63 05:35 R1 Yang Z d. Khromacheva I Anning 63.32.ab 05:49 R1 Mukund S d. Tokuda R Nanchang 61.31.ab 07:54 R1 Zheng S d. Plipuech P Anning 76.61 08:14 R1 Ma S d. Xu S Anning 75.61 08:29 R1 Zhang K d. Kuwata H Anning 76.63 08:12 R1 Chung Y d. Noguchi R Nanchang 64.63 07:47 R1 Patael B d. Gao X Nanchang 61.64 06:44 R1 Santillan A d. Lo C Nanchang 61.62 10:25 R1 Cepelova J d. Inoue M Anning 64.76 08:58 R1 Wu D d. Cui J Nanchang 61.62 08:14 R1 Ochi M d. Wu T Nanchang 63.62 11:46 R1 Cadantu A d. Peng S Anning 64.16.63 11:45 R1 Te R d. Sun F Nanchang 64.64 11:38 R1 Kotov P d. Sakharov G Francavilla 64.62 09:57 R1 Martin A d. Lamasine T Nanchang 62.62 13:48 R1 Mayer L d. Copil M Barcelona 63.67.75 12:29 R1 Fucsovics M d. Kudla D Barcelona 64.61 12:17 R1 McDonald M d. Daniel T Barcelona 62.62 12:40 R1 Berrettini M d. Kukushkin M Budapest 64.64 13:08 R1 Moroni G d. Nedelko I Francavilla 63.62 13:08 R1 Ocleppo J d. Tatlot J Francavilla 63.36.62 15:10 R1 Brkic T d. Brancaccio R Francavilla 26.61.62 14:42 R1 Balaji N d. Bai Y Nanchang 26.62.76 13:22 R1 Oliveira G d. Banes M Nanchang 64.63 13:24 R1 Struff J d. Dellien H Barcelona 63.61 14:36 R1 Munar J d. Sousa P Barcelona 26.64.60 15:00 R1 Fritz T d. Opelka R Barcelona 63.64 14:41 R1 Bedene A d. Tomic B Budapest 76.64 01:12' R1 Darcis S vs Gombos N Francavilla LIVE 15:57 R1 Bonadio R d. Berrettini J Francavilla 75.36.63 14:33 R1 Viola M d. Boluda-Purkiss C Francavilla 63.62 16:19 R1 Verdasco F d. Lopez F Barcelona 64.63 01/01 R1 Granollers M d. Jarry N Barcelona 01:36' R1 Seppi A vs Krajinovic F Budapest LIVE 15:00 R1 Basso A vs Hernandez-Fernandez J Francavilla Court 1 01:51' R1 Couacaud E vs Gaio F Francavilla LIVE 00:28' R1 Di Nicola G vs Musetti L Francavilla LIVE 00:51' R1 Larsson J vs Gasparyan M Istanbul LIVE 15:59 R1 Peterson R d. Ozgen P Istanbul 61.26.60 16:00 R1 Nishioka Y vs Schwartzman D Barcelona Pista Rafa Nadal 16:00 R1 Londero J vs Paire B Barcelona Pista Manuel Orantes 16:30 R1 Albot R vs Stakhovsky S Budapest Centre Court 00:22' R1 Martic P vs Zidansek T Istanbul LIVE 16:40 R1 Escoffier A vs Zapata Miralles B Francavilla Centre Court 17:00 R1 Descotte M vs Crepatte B Leon Cancha 1 17:30 R1 Gonzalez A vs Millot V Tallahassee Court 1 17:30 R1 Tabilo A vs Varillas J Tallahassee Court 5 17:30 R1 Kozlov S vs Zhurbin A Tallahassee Center 18:30 R1 Durasovic V vs Gojo B Leon Cancha 2 18:40 R1 Guinard M vs Pavic A Leon Estadio 18:40 R1 Broady L vs Olivo R Leon Cancha 1 19:10 R1 Shane R vs Altamirano C Tallahassee Center 19:10 R1 Ritschard A vs Cid Subervi R Tallahassee Court 1 19:10 R1 Barrios Vera M vs Rinderknech A Tallahassee Court 5 19:30 R1 Perez Sanz D vs Elias G Francavilla Centre Court 20:10 R1 Escobar G vs King K Leon Cancha 2 20:20 R1 Patino L vs Sarkissian A Leon Estadio 20:20 R1 Ortega-Olmedo R vs Takahashi Y Leon Cancha 1 20:50 R1 Zekic M vs Korda S Tallahassee Center 20:50 R1 Yevseyev D vs Nagal S Tallahassee Court 5 20:50 R1 Sels J vs Coria F Tallahassee Court 1 21:50 R1 Menezes J vs Artunedo Martinavarro A Leon Cancha 2 22:00 R1 Mansouri S vs Escobedo E Leon Estadio 22:00 R1 Redlicki M vs Griekspoor S Leon Cancha 1 23:40 R1 Seyboth Wild T vs King E Leon Cancha 1 00:00 R1 Muller A vs Blanch U Tallahassee Center 01:40 R1 Novikov D vs Gomez E Tallahassee Center 03:00 R1 Gomez-Herrera C vs Lopez Villasenor G Leon Estadio
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Hiya Darth! 😊 I'm afraid it's gonna take Nick that long to come to his senses but either way, I'll still be patient and supportive cause I see a great person buried deep inside afraid to come out. Not sure why. Plus he really is a very talented player. When he's playing good he's damn great! Just give him time. I'll probably get slammed for this but I don't care. 😁😉
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 24 minutes
Auguri Fabio! Buon merito finalmente! 👏👏👏😉😉😊😊
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 41 minutes
If he continues playing like the way he did in past 2 months he ll lose the ranking by the end of the year... Lots of points to defend after clay season
vismai vismai il y a 43 minutes
All sports need good health
vanvinhaaa vanvinhaaa il y a 7 heures
Wtf..i wanted belarus in the finals
alihasan khan alihasan khan il y a 9 heures
There are actually some similarities between Fabio Fognini and Nick Kyrgios in terms of behavior and talent. Both can blow hot and cold;both can play some outstanding tennis, to such an extent that they are able to beat top-ranked players;both are able to play go-for-broke type tennis, with nothing to lose. But both can be guilty of some unpleasant on-court behavior, like arguing with the chair umpire, so both can hot-headed. So, to some, they can be seen as tennis bad boys, but are supremely talented, and I definitely like them both. I don't approve of unsavory antics on the court, like smashing rackets and arguing with the chair umpire though. It would be refreshing to see new faces win at the grand slams, not just on the Masters 1000 tournaments.
humphrey.madlala humphrey.madlala il y a 19 heures