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Lol thank you Christine. I take no nonsense at 4am local time here lol. My dog had a big operation on Wednesday so has me up at all hours at the moment bless him.
Wendymancini Wendymancini il y a 1 minute
I think she same lady who was engaged to that famouse golfer and he chickened out? Maybe it was Maria Sharopova cause I been getting those 2 girls mixed up for years now.
mr.chess4444 mr.chess4444 il y a 14 minutes
For now...he's out of the (competitive tennis) conversation. Personally, I don't see a great comeback in his future. Certainly not a rise to #1 again.
christinenelles88 christinenelles88 il y a 26 minutes
LMAO at all the Rogers fans who were being cocky before the match saying Thanasi had no chance and Roger was gonna easily win the match xD They're all hiding now that he lost
kuliya.rose kuliya.rose il y a 38 minutes
Lightning.strikes..Fed..., Need recharge..
barrydurbano barrydurbano il y a 1 heure
Mon na mi ..fed relaxing?
barrydurbano barrydurbano il y a 1 heure
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