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thumbnail Vidéo: Djokovic and Kerber dance at the Wimbledon Champions' Dinner - 10:37 2
In accordance with tradition, Novak Djokovic, Men's Single winner, invited Angelique Kerber, Women's Single winner, to dance to set the ball rolling at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner ceremony.... Read more
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09:31 R1 Janvier M d. Moriya H Astana 64.62 12:38 R1 Myneni S d. Setkic A Astana 76.46.64 12:27 R1 Gerasimov E d. Guez D Astana 76.63 12:21 R1 Barthel M d. Vikhlyantseva N Gstaad 64.36.62 13:42 R1 Brands D d. Ilkel C Astana 60.64 14:17 R1 Kudermetova V d. Teichmann J Gstaad 64.16.62 01:27' R1 Duque-Marino M vs Rus A Bucharest LIVE 01:02' R1 Berrettini M vs Mayer L Bastad LIVE 00:58' R1 Giannessi A vs Yang T Scheveningen LIVE 00:03' R1 Arruabarrena L vs Vondrousova M Gstaad LIVE 14:40 R1 Zidansek T vs Peterson R Bucharest Grandstand 14:40 R1 Bulgaru M vs Wang Y Bucharest Central 14:40 R1 Munar J vs Ruud C Bastad Center 15:00 R1 Moraing M vs Rola B Scheveningen Centre Court 15:00 R1 Rosol L vs Safranek V Scheveningen Court 1 16:20 R1 Bonaventure Y vs Zanevska M Bucharest Grandstand 16:20 R1 Parmentier P vs Dulgheru A Bucharest Central 16:40 R1 Griekspoor T vs Ignatik U Scheveningen Court 1 17:00 R1 Kudla D vs Bemelmans R Newport Center 1 17:30 R1 Gimeno-Traver D vs Balzerani R San Benedetto Centrale 18:00 R1 Pella G vs Daniel T Umag Stadium Goran Ivanisevic 18:30 R1 Kamke T vs Berlocq C Scheveningen Centre Court 18:40 R1 Duckworth J vs Thompson J Newport Court 2 18:40 R1 Young D vs Pospisil V Newport Center 1 19:00 R1 Giustino L vs Ojeda Lara R San Benedetto Centrale 19:00 R1 Klahn B vs Mousley B Gatineau Court Central 19:00 R1 Ward A vs Li Z Gatineau Court 1 19:00 R1 Grigelis L vs Napolitano S Gatineau Court 3 19:30 R1 Ruse E vs Hercog P Bucharest Central 20:00 R1 Djere L vs Cuevas P Umag Stadium Goran Ivanisevic 20:20 R1 Fratangelo B vs Smyczek T Newport Center 1 21:00 R1 Bellucci T vs Galan D San Benedetto Centrale 22:00 R1 Galarneau A vs King D Gatineau Court Central
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Cililc and Delpo are lucky enough to win a slam in this era
Pradeep631 Pradeep631 il y a 58 minutes
Thought they had stopped it? Great to have it back though. Congrats to both of you.
Wendymancini Wendymancini il y a 1 heure
He is right about the same prize money for women. In regular tournaments where all play 3 sets, Ok. But for GS, not unless they play the same as the men. Just no comparison with the level of tennis between them. Let’s have another battle of the sexes again but this let it be between the top female and an active ranked player in the top 100 and see the outcome.
sdholly5 sdholly5 il y a 1 heure
TennisRules, dont you think that the roof was the problem .......again?! Lucky, lucky Novak!!!
AdamS AdamS il y a 3 heures
OK, Silent, now everything make sense! Also, if you try "head butting" again, there is always a chance to reverse the first negative impact!
AdamS AdamS il y a 3 heures
Wait..4 is not Tennis..
silentjxv silentjxv il y a 6 heures
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