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Not excuse he know he cant play on clay also he hv rafa fear
singhjohn985 singhjohn985 il y a 27 minutes
Fed loss cost me my acca off 4400 Euro
jamesbond00700751 jamesbond00700751 il y a 54 minutes
Betty.j.hymen.81 stay away from the weed . The security said they heard nothing . If it was as she said it was then why didn't her clan talk to the security ? If you think race played a part well that's good for a change . When cops go around shooting innocent black men, white people don't complain so stuff it . Carolin is not a big draw so if she boycott next year it's no big deal
papasung2 papasung2 il y a 1 heure
Vishruth246 , tell me one great athlete who is vegan for a long time pls?!
Gen Alexcander Gen Alexcander il y a 2 heures
So as Federer , beaten by 21 yo Australian Ki. Time for new generation.
vanvinhaaa vanvinhaaa il y a 2 heures
Not good to chil
barrydurbano barrydurbano il y a 3 heures
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