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thumbnail Pliskova slays Serena as Pouille reaches first ever Slam semi - 10:06
Serena Williams's bid for a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam title was brought to a halt in sensational style at the Australian Open Wednesday by Karolina Pliskova, as Lucas Pouille reached his first ... Read more
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01:11 R2 Clarke J d. Bega A Burnie 61.64 01:48 R2 Robert S d. Zhurbin A Burnie 62.46.63 01:29 R2 Banes M d. Harris L Burnie 64.75 02:28 QF Osaka N d. Svitolina E Australian Open 64.61 03:29 R2 Majchrzak K d. Sela D Burnie 63.46.61 04:13 R2 Basic M d. Saville L Burnie 36.75.63 05:20 QF Pliskova K d. Williams S Australian Open 64.46.75 05:09 R2 Li Z d. Moriya H Burnie 63.64 05:25 R2 Beale J d. Clezar G Burnie 62.64 08:46 QF Pouille L d. Raonic M Australian Open 08:52 R2 Soeda G d. O'Connell C Burnie 64.62 10:42 QF Djokovic N d. Nishikori K Australian Open 61.41.ab 00:47' R2 Novak D vs Brancaccio R Rennes LIVE 11:30 R2 Arnaboldi A vs Lestienne C Rennes Court Colette Besson 13:10 R2 Kolar Z vs Hoang A Rennes Court Colette Besson 15:00 R2 Coppejans K vs Ugo Carabelli C Punta del Este Cancha 1 15:00 R2 Bagnis F vs Muller A Punta del Este Cancha Central 15:00 R2 Villanueva G vs Serdarusic N Punta del Este Cancha 4 16:30 R2 Rosol L vs Barrere G Rennes Court Colette Besson 16:40 R2 Barrios Vera M vs Giannessi A Punta del Este Cancha 1 16:40 R2 Martin A vs Sorgi J Punta del Este Cancha 4 16:40 R2 Dutra Silva R vs Gonzalez A Punta del Este Cancha Central 17:30 R2 Karlovskiy E vs Travaglia S Rennes Court Françoise Savatier 18:10 R2 Ward J vs Paire B Rennes Court Colette Besson 18:20 R2 Descotte M vs Collarini A Punta del Este Cancha Central 18:20 R2 Tabilo A vs Arguello F Punta del Este Cancha 4 19:00 R2 King D vs Bonzi B Newport Beach Court 2 19:00 R2 Peterson R vs Ahn K Newport Beach Court 3 19:00 R2 Davis L vs Lepchenko V Newport Beach Court 4 19:00 R2 Krueger M vs McDonald M Newport Beach Court 1 19:00 R2 Wickmayer Y vs Kiick A Newport Beach Court 7 19:00 R2 Hibi M vs Liu C Newport Beach Court 6 19:00 R2 Harrison C vs Quiroz R Newport Beach Court 5 19:10 R2 Ymer E vs Reboul F Rennes Court Françoise Savatier 20:00 R2 Varillas J vs Quinzi G Punta del Este Cancha 1 20:40 R2 Uchida K vs Polansky P Newport Beach Court 5 20:40 R2 Schnur B vs Cressy M Newport Beach Court 2 20:40 R2 Brengle M vs Zarazua R Newport Beach Court 4 20:40 R2 Chang H vs Townsend T Newport Beach Court 3 20:40 R2 Fritz T vs Giron M Newport Beach Court 1 20:40 R2 Teichmann J vs Jaksic J Newport Beach Court 6 22:20 R2 Altamirano C vs Estrella Burgos V Newport Beach Court 5 22:20 R2 Brown D vs Klahn B Newport Beach Court 2 22:20 R2 Andreescu B vs Volynets K Newport Beach Court 1 22:20 R2 Zhuk S vs Sebov K Newport Beach Court 3 22:20 R2 Olmos G vs Gibbs N Newport Beach Court 6 00:30 R2 Andreozzi G vs Gomez E Punta del Este Cancha Central
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They didn't even use the time clock for serves so there were definitely rules that werent applied through out the course of the match
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 1 minute
Should ve beaten court's record n then take time off for baby.... That would ve been ideal...
vismai vismai il y a 19 minutes
Good job Karolina!!!🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️
HelenaSroka HelenaSroka il y a 4 heures
I guess not.🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️
HelenaSroka HelenaSroka il y a 4 heures
YESSSS!!! Thank you Karolina!!!🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️
HelenaSroka HelenaSroka il y a 5 heures
Zverev of women's tour🙁
ali ali il y a 7 heures
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