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04:25 R1 Pellegrino A d. Gunneswaran P Qujing 75.62 04:03 R1 Hurkacz H d. Lee D Qujing 63.63 04:32 R1 Wu D d. Granollers G Qujing 76.63 04:56 R1 Napolitano S d. Zhang Z Qujing 61.61 06:32 R1 Li Z d. Balaji N Qujing 64.46.61 05:37 R1 Caruso S d. Xia Z Qujing 63.61 06:55 R1 Jaziri M d. Chung Y Qujing 62.64 05:56 R1 Ivashka I d. Cui J Qujing 61.61 07:42 R1 Rola B d. He Y Qujing 63.62 09:51 R1 Zhang Z d. Saville L Qujing 75.76 12:03 R1 Kamke T d. Ignatik U Lille 64.63 12:43 R1 Humbert U d. Safwat M Lille 76.75 14:16 R1 Moutet C d. Escoffier A Lille 46.63.62 12:00 R1 Moraing M vs Giustino L Lille Court 3 15:19 R1 Janvier M d. Leshem E Lille 61.62 15:49 R1 Maden Y d. Mousley B Lille 62.62 18:05 R1 Robert S d. Setkic A Lille 62.36.76 17:44 R1 Mchale C d. Kanepi K Miami 13.ab 18:44 R1 Tomljanovic A d. Tsurenko L Miami 36.64.75 02:54' R1 Larsson J vs Siniakova K Miami LIVE 01:08' R1 Olaso G vs Mertens Y Lille LIVE 19:35 R1 Mahut N d. Arnaboldi A Lille 75.63 20:05 R1 Haddad Maia B d. Watson H Miami 76.62 01:19' R1 Sasnovich A vs Pliskova K Miami LIVE 18:20 R1 Bondarenko K vs Van Uytvanck A Miami Court 2 18:40 R1 Zapata Miralles B vs Barrere G Lille Court 3 00:27' R1 Hoang A vs Tomic B Lille LIVE 19:50 R1 Anisimova A vs Wang Q Miami Grandstand 20:00 R1 Barthel M vs Babos T Miami Court 2 20:00 R1 Liu C vs Osuigwe W Miami Court 1 21:30 R1 Pera B vs Arruabarrena L Miami Grandstand 21:40 R1 Krunic A vs Sakkari M Miami Court 1 21:40 R1 Flipkens K vs Buzarnescu M Miami Court 2
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You go right ahead and hang your hat on the lying cheat. Makes no difference to me. I'm well aware of what she is and have no admiration for her. Sorry you find it necessary to take it personally. And your attacks on me are childish and inane. But go ahead if it makes you feel better.
christinenelles88 christinenelles88 il y a 49 secondes
Yes he most certainly does.
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 52 minutes
If and when Serena wins, the victory will be much sweeter.
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 1 heure
I love Martin but she so frickin annoying
hbicb98 hbicb98 il y a 5 heures
Pleased for Ana, such a beautiful person inside and out.
rickyhmartin rickyhmartin il y a 9 heures
Well done
jabbs jabbs il y a 12 heures
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USAAnisimova A
37% (523)
63% (876)
UKRBondarenko K
Van Uytvanck ABEL
42% (476)
58% (669)
SWELarsson J
Siniakova KCZE
97% (1038)
USAMchale C
Kanepi KEST
93% (987)
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Hugo Grenier FRA
- 21 yo
- 196 cm
- 85 kg
d. Millot - 7/5, 1/6, 7/5
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