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thumbnail Rocketing star Medvedev revives Russia's tennis hopes - 20:54 5
Daniil Medvedev, Russia's number one tennis player, on Monday signed caps and tennis balls for fans in his native city of Moscow, hours after landing from China, where he won the Shanghai Masters Sund... Read more
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04:00 R2 Lopez Perez E vs Barrientos N Ningbo Court 8 04:00 R2 Eubanks C vs Soeda G Ningbo Court 7 04:00 R2 Zhang Z vs Bolt A Ningbo Center Court 05:40 R2 Harris A vs Nam J Ningbo Court 7 05:40 R2 Watanuki Y vs Klahn B Ningbo Center Court 05:40 R2 Chung Y vs Petrovic D Ningbo Court 8 07:20 R2 Wu D vs Uchiyama Y Ningbo Center Court 07:20 R2 Ito T vs Uchida K Ningbo Court 7 07:20 R2 Ferreira Silva F vs Jaziri M Ningbo Court 8 10:00 R2 Hercog P vs Bencic B Moscow Center Court 10:00 R2 Menendez-Maceiras A vs Hassan B Ismaning Centre Court 10:00 R1 Gerasimov E vs Fabbiano T Moscow Court 1 11:30 R2 Cressy M vs Ignatik U Ismaning Court 1 11:30 R2 Seppi A vs Carballes Baena R Moscow Court 2 11:40 R2 Vesely J vs Miedler L Ismaning Centre Court 11:40 R1 Kachmazov A vs Avidzba A Moscow Court 1 11:40 R2 Kalinskaya A vs Alexandrova E Moscow Center Court 12:00 R2 Niculescu M vs Gasparyan M Luxembourg Court 1 12:00 R1 Tiafoe F vs Maden Y Antwerp Center Court 12:00 R2 Allertova D vs Rybakina E Luxembourg Stadium 13:00 R2 Yastremska D vs Flipkens K Moscow Court 1 13:10 R2 Altmaier D vs Lestienne C Ismaning Court 1 13:20 R2 Haerteis J vs Haase R Ismaning Centre Court 13:30 R2 Nishioka Y vs Fritz T Stockholm Centre Court 13:30 R2 Mannarino A vs Kukushkin M Moscow Center Court 13:30 R1 Cuevas P vs Dellien H Antwerp Court 1 13:40 R2 Pella G vs Kwon S Antwerp Center Court 13:40 R2 Kuzmova V vs Siegemund L Luxembourg Stadium 14:00 R2 Ward J vs Hanfmann Y Ismaning Centre Court 14:50 R2 Lamasine T vs Kolar Z Ismaning Court 1 15:00 R1 Gauff C vs Blinkova A Luxembourg Stadium 15:10 R1 Ymer M vs Sousa J Stockholm Centre Court 15:10 R2 Rosol L vs Lajovic D Moscow Center Court 15:40 R2 Bachinger M vs Lenz J Ismaning Centre Court 16:30 R2 Lacko L vs Sachko V Ismaning Court 1 17:30 R2 Kohlschreiber P vs Khachanov K Moscow Center Court 18:00 R1 Doi M vs Goerges J Luxembourg Stadium 18:00 R2 Blancaneaux G vs Baldi F Ismaning Centre Court 18:30 R2 Simon G vs Tsonga J Antwerp Center Court 18:30 R2 Querrey S vs Dimitrov G Stockholm Centre Court 19:00 R2 Vekic D vs Muchova K Moscow Center Court 19:40 R1 Mcnally C vs Ostapenko J Luxembourg Stadium 20:10 R2 Evans D vs Krajinovic F Stockholm Centre Court 20:10 R2 Wawrinka S vs Lopez F Antwerp Center Court
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Sousa JPOR
40% (295)
60% (449)
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84% (617)
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Gasparyan MRUS
83% (558)
ARGPella G
92% (598)
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Nicolas Barrientos
Nicolas Barrientos COL
- 32 yo
- 175 cm
- 75 kg
d. Oliveira - 7/5, 6/0
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