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thumbnail Wozniacki pulls out of Dubai WTA - 19:00
Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki withdrew from the Dubai Championships on Monday due to a viral illness before her first round match against Switzerland's Stefanie Voegele. Wozniacki, who w... Read more
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06:08 R1 Li Z d. Trongcharoenchaikul W Bangkok 1A 46.61.64 07:55 R1 Roca Batalla O d. Perez Sanz D Bangkok 1A 67.62 10:12 R1 Chung Y d. Cachin P Bangkok 1A 62.61 07:26 R1 Wu D d. Kovapitukted P Bangkok 1A 64.62 08:30 R1 Aragone J d. Lopez Perez E Bangkok 1A 62.62 09:23 R1 Lee D d. Chanta T Bangkok 1A 62.76 09:28 R1 Uchida K d. Purcell M Bangkok 1A 63.61 10:02 R1 Jabeur O d. Vekic D Dubai 64.76 11:07 R1 Couacaud E d. Hernandez-Fernandez J Bangkok 1A 75.62 10:21 R1 Kenin S d. Buzarnescu M Dubai 63.60 10:59 R1 Oliveira G d. Banes M Bangkok 1A 62.36.76 11:17 R1 Robert S d. Isaro P Bangkok 1A 36.61.63 10:42 R1 Jakupovic D d. Diyas Z Dubai 16.61.62 12:17 R1 Siniakova K d. Martic P Dubai 64.63 12:41 R1 Zhang S d. Kontaveit A Dubai 76.63 12:22 R1 Myneni S d. Yang T Bangkok 1A 63.75 13:45 R1 Brady J d. Ostapenko J Dubai 64.60 14:04 R1 Benchetrit E d. Vilella Martinez M Bergamo 64.36.64 14:42 R1 Ignatik U d. Viola M Bergamo 64.64 13:48 R1 Suarez Navarro C d. Strycova B Dubai 61.63 17:00 R1 Zhu L d. Mertens E Dubai 57.64.75 16:02 R1 Taberner C d. Griekspoor S Bergamo 76.63 16:15 R1 Kolar Z d. Caruana L Bergamo 76.63 15:18 R1 Petkovic A d. Bogdan A Budapest 61.60 17:25 R1 Marcora R d. Grigelis L Bergamo 60.63 16:04 R1 Hurkacz H d. Krajinovic F Marseille 63.62 16:55 R1 Choinski J d. Bonzi B Bergamo 60.42.ab 17:50 R1 Potapova A d. Watson H Budapest 64.26.76 17:22 R1 Voegele S d. Hercog P Dubai 63.62 19:17 R1 Cibulkova D d. Arruabarrena L Dubai 57.61.62 19:34 R1 Rus A d. Ferro F Budapest 75.63 18:33 R1 Sinner J d. Miedler L Bergamo 76.61 18:53 R1 Lamasine T d. Ocleppo J Bergamo 63.64 19:48 R1 Boluda-Purkiss C d. Varillas J Morelos 63.64 18:55 R1 Kozlov S d. Song E Morelos 75.63 19:35 R1 Krunic A d. Korpatsch T Budapest 60.75 20:38 R1 Garcia C d. Pavlyuchenkova A Dubai 62.60 20:44 R1 Galovic V d. Zeppieri G Bergamo 46.63.64 20:51 R1 Petrovic D d. Heller P Bergamo 36.75.63 18:30 R1 Descotte M vs Ugo Carabelli C Morelos Cancha 3 20:14 R1 Lacko L d. Watanuki Y Delray Beach 64.64 20:30 R1 Souza J d. Patino L Morelos 64.63 18:40 R1 Redlicki M vs Wang T Morelos Grand Stand 21:07 R1 Parmentier P d. Konjuh A Budapest 75.63 21:24 R1 Simon G d. Hoang A Marseille 57.63.63 12:10 R1 Riske A d. Goerges J Dubai 64.75 20:00 R1 Musetti L vs Safiullin R Bergamo PalaAgneli 01:01' R1 Masur D vs Zapata Miralles B Bergamo LIVE 00:20' R1 Menezes J vs Sels J Morelos LIVE 01:20' R1 Pellegrino A vs Gomez E Morelos LIVE 01:22' R1 Istomin D vs Lopez F Delray Beach LIVE 20:30 R1 Carballes Baena R vs Jarry N Rio de Janeiro Quadra Guga Kuerten 20:30 R1 Jaziri M vs Delbonis F Rio de Janeiro Quadra 1 00:22' R1 Kudla D vs Kukushkin M Marseille LIVE 21:50 R1 Lopez Villasenor G vs Nguyen D Morelos Estadio 22:00 R1 Escobar G vs Tokuda R Morelos Grand Stand 22:00 R1 Mena F vs Huesler M Morelos Cancha 3 22:00 R1 Andreozzi G vs Dellien H Rio de Janeiro Quadra 2 22:10 R1 Lajovic D vs Norrie C Rio de Janeiro Quadra 1 23:00 R1 Auger-Aliassime F vs Fognini F Rio de Janeiro Quadra Guga Kuerten 23:00 R1 Seyboth Wild T vs Daniel T Rio de Janeiro Quadra Guga Kuerten 23:50 R1 Ymer E vs Londero J Rio de Janeiro Quadra 1 00:00 R1 Harris L vs King D Delray Beach Stadium 01:30 R1 Diez S vs Estrella Burgos V Morelos Estadio 02:00 R1 Kyrgios N vs Millman J Delray Beach Stadium 03:00 R1 Gomez L vs Barrios Vera M Morelos Estadio
Latest comments comments
Hopefully ..he can..😕
.. silent epilog .. silent epilog il y a 3 minutes
C’mon guys let’s be honest here. He doesn’t need to be playing well at all. When it comes down to the CLUTCH moments on the biggest stage he will never disappoint. Let’s not forget he is the only man Djokovic is terrified of in slams. When they meet again in a slam final, Djokovic gonna be gulping. No one can stop the STANIMAL at his best. He’s a freak of nature. Stan can be ranked outside the top 40 and win a slam easier than Murray ever did. I reckon Stan will claim 2 more slams in his career. Maybe more... 🤔
Nicholas Holdsworth Nicholas Holdsworth il y a 13 minutes
Just lower her testosterone levels to the same as the other female athletes she is competing with. If they can’t do that then don’t let her compete. Unfortunate but true. Otherwise it ain’t fair. Situation in MMA a few years back where a 40 year old man had a sex change and fought women. He destroyed them because his grip and strength was so masculine.
Nicholas Holdsworth Nicholas Holdsworth il y a 23 minutes
Guys, let's not talk bullshit. Monfils will not win RG, especially now that he destroyed his wirst during last week. There are just so many much bigger contenders for the title.
Pixxi Pixxi il y a 11 heures
Congrats Monfils, great tournament for you.
ToEarthandBack ToEarthandBack il y a 1 jour
On Wta page all the pathetic halep fan blamed mertens for a mto what a shame they always find an excused when halep lost
pornsak3989 pornsak3989 il y a 1 jour
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