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thumbnail Vidéo: Krajinovic's wonderful defense against Federer in Miami - 03:40
What a defense from Filip Krajinovic against Roger Federer in Miami.... Read more
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Fed did it it me in here..or an echo..
silent Dusted silent Dusted il y a 24 minutes
Carlandeb where have u been all this while???
chidinwekecf chidinwekecf il y a 4 heures
I don't like Novak's racket smashing, but it could have been much worse: like itchy scratching his arse and sniffing the stink stuff with every serve like Nadal, or he could have had a irratating wife shouting at players playing against her husband, like Fed's wife does. Every legend has his problems and stuff that irritate others, but they great tennis legends, and that is what matters after all, with weakness and problems like.... us?
bastion bastion il y a 9 heures
I respect her a lot, very nice and easy going person
Justin Loch Justin Loch il y a 9 heures
Agreed she will have to be sharp. Halep should win though.
Wesley Babik Wesley Babik il y a 15 heures
Already BOAT, now fights for GOAT.
bastion bastion il y a 17 heures
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