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thumbnail Proud Serb Djokovic would happily miss World Cup final for Wimbledon glory - 23:42 5
Novak Djokovic insists he would happily miss a first appearance for Serbia in the World Cup final if it means he is back in the Wimbledon title match. Djokovic is an avid fan of the Serbian national ... Read more
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00:21' R1 Ortega-Olmedo R vs Sultanov K Fergana LIVE 09:30 R1 Yevseyev D vs Setkic A Fergana Court 5 10:20 R1 Takahashi Y vs Lee D Fergana Centre Court 11:00 R1 Stosur S vs Vondrousova M Mallorca Center Court 12:00 R1 Haase R vs Sousa J Halle Court 1 12:00 R1 Glvac A vs Sproch D Poprad-Tatry Court 1 12:00 R1 Struff J vs Bautista Agut R Halle Stadium 12:00 R1 Dustov F vs Mertens Y Fergana Centre Court 12:30 R1 Siniakova K vs Mladenovic K Birmingham Ann Jones Centre Court 12:40 R1 Kontaveit A vs Maria T Mallorca Center Court 13:00 R1 Shapovalov D vs Muller G Queen's Centre Court 13:00 R1 Dellien H vs Cuevas M L'Aquila Centrale 13:00 R1 Olivo R vs Zapata Miralles B L'Aquila Grandstand 13:40 R1 Lacko L vs Kudla D Halle Court 1 13:40 R1 Nishikori K vs Bachinger M Halle Stadium 14:00 R1 Bonzi B vs Janvier M Blois Court 1 14:00 R1 Angele J vs Garin C Blois Central 14:00 R1 Van Uytvanck A vs Sabalenka A Mallorca Court 1 14:10 R1 Cibulkova D vs Gavrilova D Birmingham Ann Jones Centre Court 14:40 R1 Martinez P vs Dutra Silva R L'Aquila Grandstand 14:40 R1 Wawrinka S vs Norrie C Queen's Centre Court 14:40 R1 Moroni G vs Arnaboldi A L'Aquila Centrale 15:00 R1 Donaldson J vs Tiafoe F Queen's Court 1 15:00 R1 Ignatik U vs De Greef A Poprad-Tatry Court 1 15:20 R1 Marterer M vs Sugita Y Halle Stadium 15:30 R1 King D vs Draper J Ilkley Centre Court 15:30 R1 Moraing M vs Zopp J Ilkley Court 5 15:30 R1 Vajda P vs Safwat M Poprad-Tatry Court 3 15:40 R1 Domingues J vs Londero J Blois Court 1 15:50 R1 Boulter K vs Osaka N Birmingham Ann Jones Centre Court 16:00 R1 Witthoeft C vs Schiavone F Mallorca Center Court 16:20 R1 Cilic M vs Verdasco F Queen's Centre Court 17:00 R1 King K vs Gombos N Ilkley Court 1 17:00 R1 Quiroz R vs Quinzi G L'Aquila Centrale 17:10 R1 Ramanathan R vs Ofner S Ilkley Court 5 17:10 R1 Broady L vs Stakhovsky S Ilkley Centre Court 17:30 R1 Thiem D vs Youzhny M Halle Stadium 17:30 R1 Pliskova K vs Rybarikova M Birmingham Ann Jones Centre Court 18:00 R1 Bourgue M vs Lestienne C Blois Central 18:00 R1 Clarke J vs Querrey S Queen's Centre Court 18:00 R1 Sock J vs Medvedev D Queen's Court 1 18:30 R1 Suarez Navarro C vs Arruabarrena L Mallorca Center Court
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It's in your hands Djokovic, untouchable at your best.... you just need to find it again
VillageIdiotDan VillageIdiotDan il y a 7 minutes
First of all we have acknowledge the fact that there are far more tournaments happens on clay compared to grass. 2nd if we see out of 32 atp title won by Nadal I guess 25 are on clay. Since Nadal achieved over 80 % of his glory on clay doesn't mean he is any lesser legend of tennis than he is because what he has done only he can done makes him so special. But why we all give federer just a little more credit coz he accomplished his mojority of accomplishments combining hard court and grass court and if you say federer was not so great on clay I would like to remind you in his glorious times ( 2004 to 2008) he played numerous clay court events and finals and got defeated by the hand of Nadal I'm semis or in finals. Imagine if Nadal wouldnt have been there federer would have grabbed quiet a few clay court success too. Nonetheless both are great legends of tennis and when both retire I think we would hardly find any difference in the stats of their records. But again the debate of who is the goat will always be carried on between their fans.
Bikash Shukla Bikash Shukla il y a 37 minutes
Haha Seriously he is a joke the joker. Andy will be just fine. It's the joker who has fallen apart mentally and can't deal with the blow to his ego.
david.fatrena.911 david.fatrena.911 il y a 6 heures
He’s losing to Kyrgios I think
vishruth246 vishruth246 il y a 14 heures
Roger will win Halle, no real competition...anyone who could test him is playing Queens
misskjj79 misskjj79 il y a 14 heures
He will win Halle too, no real competition...all the competition playing Queens
misskjj79 misskjj79 il y a 14 heures
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