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04:00 R1 Moriya H vs Milojevic N Hua Hin Court 2 04:00 R1 Whittington A vs Bolt A Hua Hin Court 4 04:00 R1 Leshem E vs Gabashvili T Hua Hin Court 5 04:00 R1 Santillan A vs Congcar C Hua Hin Center Court 04:00 R1 Kelly D vs Soeda G Hua Hin Court 3 05:40 R1 Mousley B vs Ito T Hua Hin Court 4 05:40 R1 Jasika O vs Banes M Hua Hin Court 3 05:40 R1 Petrovic D vs Statham R Hua Hin Court 5 05:40 R1 Kwon S vs Trongcharoenchaikul W Hua Hin Court 2 05:40 R1 Ebden M vs Isarow P Hua Hin Center Court 06:30 R2 Polmans M vs Gunneswaran P Bangalore Centre Court 06:30 R2 Yang T vs Gojo B Bangalore Court 1 07:20 R1 Robert S vs Polansky P Hua Hin Center Court 07:20 R1 Vatutin A vs Uchiyama Y Hua Hin Court 3 07:20 R1 Purcell M vs Simon T Hua Hin Court 4 07:20 R1 Matosevic M vs Takahashi Y Hua Hin Court 5 07:20 R1 Millman J vs Hurkacz H Hua Hin Court 2 08:00 R2 Kavcic B vs Vilella Martinez M Bangalore Centre Court 08:00 R2 Pavic A vs Ymer E Bangalore Court 1 09:40 R2 Ramanathan R vs Clarke J Bangalore Centre Court 10:30 R1 Raina A vs Kudermetova V Mumbai Center 10:30 R1 Namigata J vs Ianchuk O Mumbai Court 1 10:30 R1 Plipuech P vs Cabrera L Mumbai Court 2 12:00 R2 Bhambri Y vs Martinez P Bangalore Centre Court 12:10 R2 Ivakhnenko V vs Wickmayer Y Mumbai Center 12:10 R1 Schoofs B vs Broady N Mumbai Court 1 12:10 R2 Zhao C vs Jakupovic D Mumbai Court 2 13:00 R1 Di Nicola G vs Gakhov I Andria Via Delle Querce 13:00 R1 Jaloviec M vs Baldi F Andria Palasport 13:50 R2 Sharipova S vs Stollar F Mumbai Court 1 13:50 R1 Sabalenka A vs Hon P Mumbai Center 14:40 R1 Skugor F vs Grigelis L Andria Palasport 15:00 R1 Hernandez-Fernandez J vs Cuevas M Rio de Janeiro Quadra 1 15:00 R2 Lim A vs Bogdan A Mumbai Center 15:00 R1 Arevalo M vs Arneodo R Rio de Janeiro Quadra 3 15:00 R1 Carballes Baena R vs Souza J Rio de Janeiro Quadra Central 16:00 R2 Kolar Z vs Sijsling I Andria Palasport 16:40 R1 Cachin P vs Sorgi J Rio de Janeiro Quadra 1 16:40 R1 Neis F vs Oliveira C Rio de Janeiro Quadra Central 17:40 R2 Olivetti A vs Ignatik U Andria Palasport 18:20 R1 Dutra Silva R vs Linzer M Rio de Janeiro Quadra Central 18:20 R1 Seyboth Wild T vs Jarry N Rio de Janeiro Quadra 1 20:00 R2 Heyman C vs Berankis R Andria Palasport 22:30 R1 Ghem A vs Monteiro T Rio de Janeiro Quadra Central
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Wow i remember this point it was as Robbie the commentator would say Spot on' lol nah it was spectacular
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 56 minutes
Yep a-real head turner
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 1 heure
Vee that will be a see saw match up sascha is a train looking 4 gold & titles... but healtgy Grigor i believe up 4 challenge lol mechman...idk u so I'll just say lol cheers i see ur pix & hopefully ur a fan of nadal.. u get a pass 2day cause both kings had a nix3 view .. wait both kings respect both of those contenders both of them would have given their best wishes 2 either man... so don't throw rocks @ the throne They Sit On
Darth_JR Darth_JR il y a 1 heure
David is such a sweet guy but must realize his friends are NOT his friends on court during a match. I certainly wish him the best.
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 3 jours
Aejoo Aejoo il y a 3 jours
Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns.
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 5 jours
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Borna Gojo CRO
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