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thumbnail No trophy, no regrets as Federer departs Indian Wells for Miami - 21:06 31
Roger Federer departed Indian Wells empty-handed for a second straight year, but the Swiss great sees no reason he can't get back on track at the Miami Masters. "Sure, it's frustrating and disappoint... Read more
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10:00 R1 Karatsev A vs Safiullin R Lille Court 1 03:54 R1 Purcell M d. Santillan A ZhangJiaGang 62.21.ab 04:03 R1 Mukund S d. Crepatte B ZhangJiaGang 62.61 04:58 R1 Hernandez-Fernandez J d. Li Z ZhangJiaGang 16.63.64 10:00 R1 Mertens Y vs Furness E Lille Central 05:35 R1 Chung Y d. Sun F ZhangJiaGang 64.64 05:32 R1 Clezar G d. Heliovaara H ZhangJiaGang 76.63 06:52 R1 Oliveira G d. Wu Y ZhangJiaGang 62.26.62 11:40 R2 Choinski J vs Hanfmann Y Lille Court 1 11:40 R1 Viola M vs Bonzi B Lille Central 06:59 R2 Saville L d. Safwat M ZhangJiaGang 64.62 06:42 R2 Duckworth J d. Xia Z ZhangJiaGang 60.63 13:20 R2 Hoang A vs Roumane R Lille Central 08:29 R2 Zhang Z d. Maamoun K ZhangJiaGang 60.76 08:21 R2 Giustino L d. Nguyen D ZhangJiaGang 60.63 01:57' R2 Molcan A vs Moriya H ZhangJiaGang LIVE 00:26' R2 Galovic V vs Wu D ZhangJiaGang LIVE 15:00 R2 Halys Q vs Miedler L Lille Central 00:36' R2 Karlovskiy E vs Peliwo F ZhangJiaGang LIVE 16:30 R2 Bonadio R vs Bachinger M Lille Court 1 16:40 R1 Kuzmova V vs Gavrilova D Miami Court 1 16:40 R1 Alexandrova E vs Yastremska D Miami Butch Buchholz 17:00 R1 Petkovic A vs Anisimova A Miami Grandstand 17:00 R1 Mahut N vs Vatutin A Lille Central 18:10 R2 Tatlot J vs Novak D Lille Court 1 18:20 R1 Sorribes Tormo S vs Krunic A Miami Butch Buchholz 18:20 R1 Danilovic O vs Sakkari M Miami Court 1 18:40 R2 Garcia-Lopez G vs Pavlasek A Lille Central 18:40 R1 Wang X vs Puig M Miami Grandstand 20:00 R1 Vikhlyantseva N vs Rybarikova M Miami Butch Buchholz 20:00 R1 Tomljanovic A vs Friedsam A Miami Court 1 20:20 R2 Travaglia S vs Kamke T Lille Central 20:20 R1 Rodina E vs Stosur S Miami Grandstand 21:40 R1 Parmentier P vs Gasparyan M Miami Butch Buchholz 21:40 R1 Wang Y vs Mladenovic K Miami Court 1 22:00 R1 Osuigwe W vs Osaka M Miami Grandstand
Latest comments comments only.. bigger, reason not to where you go from there!?..he's smart enough to know .. where .. skiing... yeah right..He feeling good so said. But he knows you have no replacement... Sadly there isn't.
silent Dust silent Dust il y a 1 heure
Stop d plunker..shots..pleeease..
silent Dust silent Dust il y a 5 heures
Get well soon Del Po, 👍 I feel sorry for Del Po, such a shame after he'd sorted out the problem with his wrist, to now have this injury problem with his knee.
Aladdin Sane Aladdin Sane il y a 8 heures
Low lights
silent Dust silent Dust il y a 10 heures
Think to moove in bunk 🏠 .. house she'd༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
silent Dust silent Dust il y a 12 heures
silent Dust silent Dust il y a 15 heures
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