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thumbnail Barcelona beckons for Nadal after Monte Carlo embarrassment   - 17:54 4
Rafael Nadal said on Monday he won't waste time dwelling on his weekend Monte Carlo semi-final loss but instead will concentrate on bouncing back at the Barcelona Open. "What has happened has happene... Read more
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06:34 R1 Muramatsu C d. Hesse A Anning 26.63.64 06:42 R1 Zhu L d. Zhang Y Anning 62.36.63 05:35 R1 Yang Z d. Khromacheva I Anning 63.32.ab 05:49 R1 Mukund S d. Tokuda R Nanchang 61.31.ab 08:29 R1 Zhang K d. Kuwata H Anning 76.63 07:54 R1 Zheng S d. Plipuech P Anning 76.61 08:14 R1 Ma S d. Xu S Anning 75.61 07:47 R1 Patael B d. Gao X Nanchang 61.64 06:44 R1 Santillan A d. Lo C Nanchang 61.62 08:12 R1 Chung Y d. Noguchi R Nanchang 64.63 10:25 R1 Cepelova J d. Inoue M Anning 64.76 08:58 R1 Wu D d. Cui J Nanchang 61.62 08:14 R1 Ochi M d. Wu T Nanchang 63.62 11:46 R1 Cadantu A d. Peng S Anning 64.16.63 11:45 R1 Te R d. Sun F Nanchang 64.64 11:38 R1 Kotov P d. Sakharov G Francavilla 64.62 09:57 R1 Martin A d. Lamasine T Nanchang 62.62 12:17 R1 McDonald M d. Daniel T Barcelona 62.62 12:40 R1 Berrettini M d. Kukushkin M Budapest 64.64 13:48 R1 Mayer L d. Copil M Barcelona 63.67.75 12:29 R1 Fucsovics M d. Kudla D Barcelona 64.61 13:08 R1 Moroni G d. Nedelko I Francavilla 63.62 13:08 R1 Ocleppo J d. Tatlot J Francavilla 63.36.62 15:10 R1 Brkic T d. Brancaccio R Francavilla 26.61.62 14:42 R1 Balaji N d. Bai Y Nanchang 26.62.76 13:22 R1 Oliveira G d. Banes M Nanchang 64.63 15:00 R1 Fritz T d. Opelka R Barcelona 63.64 14:41 R1 Bedene A d. Tomic B Budapest 76.64 13:24 R1 Struff J d. Dellien H Barcelona 63.61 14:36 R1 Munar J d. Sousa P Barcelona 26.64.60 14:33 R1 Viola M d. Boluda-Purkiss C Francavilla 63.62 17:46 R1 Gombos N d. Darcis S Francavilla 46.62.63 15:57 R1 Bonadio R d. Berrettini J Francavilla 75.36.63 16:19 R1 Verdasco F d. Lopez F Barcelona 64.63 17:44 R1 Jarry N d. Granollers M Barcelona 75.46.64 17:45 R1 Krajinovic F d. Seppi A Budapest 62.67.75 18:59 R1 Gasparyan M d. Larsson J Istanbul 76.46.63 15:59 R1 Peterson R d. Ozgen P Istanbul 61.26.60 17:11 R1 Gaio F d. Couacaud E Francavilla 76.46.60 18:01 R1 Musetti L d. Di Nicola G Francavilla 63.36.64 19:11 R1 Paire B d. Londero J Barcelona 75.62 19:05 R1 Schwartzman D d. Nishioka Y Barcelona 46.64.62 19:47 R1 Albot R d. Stakhovsky S Budapest 75.64 18:21 R1 Martic P d. Zidansek T Istanbul 36.61.63 19:29 R1 Zapata Miralles B d. Escoffier A Francavilla 62.63 18:01 R1 Crepatte B d. Descotte M Leon 63.62 19:57 R1 Kozlov S d. Zhurbin A Tallahassee 46.64.60 19:30 R1 Gonzalez A d. Millot V Tallahassee 62.63 19:21 R1 Tabilo A d. Varillas J Tallahassee 61.76 20:24 R1 Gojo B d. Durasovic V Leon 76.64 19:19 R1 Broady L d. Olivo R Leon 62.63 19:14 R1 Guinard M d. Pavic A Leon 64.62 22:15 R1 Ritschard A d. Cid Subervi R Tallahassee 64.36.64 21:30 R1 Barrios Vera M d. Rinderknech A Tallahassee 76.63 21:32 R1 Altamirano C d. Shane R Tallahassee 64.76 01:44' R1 Escobar G vs King K Leon LIVE 21:03 R1 Ortega-Olmedo R d. Takahashi Y Leon 64.64 20:26 R1 Sarkissian A d. Patino L Leon 61.62 20:50 R1 Sels J vs Coria F Tallahassee Court 1 00:39' R1 Zekic M vs Korda S Tallahassee LIVE 00:39' R1 Yevseyev D vs Nagal S Tallahassee LIVE 21:50 R1 Menezes J vs Artunedo Martinavarro A Leon Cancha 2 22:22 R1 Griekspoor S d. Redlicki M Leon 62.66 22:00 R1 Mansouri S d. Escobedo E Leon 64.76 00:11' R1 Seyboth Wild T vs King E Leon LIVE 00:00 R1 Muller A vs Blanch U Tallahassee Center 01:40 R1 Novikov D vs Gomez E Tallahassee Center 03:00 R1 Gomez-Herrera C vs Lopez Villasenor G Leon Estadio
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Go OSAKA! The clay season is all yours!!!! Can't wait!
chidinwekecf chidinwekecf il y a 12 minutes
The Giant Clay Slayer playing Barcelona?
bastion bastion il y a 2 heures
For some reason I'm not fearing Novak will lose his spot. But we'll see what happens, as he would say. It doesn't all depend solely on him.
Pixxi Pixxi il y a 3 heures
I like this guy a lot. Nice to see him moving forward in tennis and as a person.
Idemo Idemo il y a 4 heures
Auguri Fabio! Buon merito finalmente! 👏👏👏😉😉😊😊
vscholz66 vscholz66 il y a 6 heures
All sports need good health
vanvinhaaa vanvinhaaa il y a 13 heures
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