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thumbnail Tsitsipas sets sights on Davis Cup and 2020 Olympics - 18:24
Next Gen champion Stefanos Tsitsipas said on Wednesday that he wants to play for Greece in the Davis Cup and at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. “I want to play for the Greek national team. It is som... Read more
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Novak is GOAT in the making!
kostantinstamenkovic kostantinstamenkovic il y a 1 heure
Bad news. Such a smart player. We miss you Aga!
esir1975 esir1975 il y a 1 heure
When Federer started he was also given tough conditions. He played his way to earn this luxury and he completely deserves it. Also like it or not Federer is blockbuster and many fans want to see him play. This means more revenue. Why would tournament directors sacrifice on this?? The primary goal of a tournament director is to give the fans what they want. To quote John Isner “Federer is the ATP”. Players like Julien should be happy that Federer along with the other members of the big 3 brought ATP tennis to popularity. Otherwise they wouldn’t get half the paycheck they are currently given.
varun alluri varun alluri il y a 3 heures
Eeee, senor Carlito is back! LOL......
AdamS AdamS il y a 4 heures
Agree with Novak completely instead of making 2 similar events they can just make it a single event in the beginning of the year.... Tat would b a huge success.... Or leave Davis cup as it is..... But Davis cup is already dead....
vismai vismai il y a 4 heures
He plays best again best players b cuz they force him to raise level.agree B Kev in traffic
.. Silent Runner .. Silent Runner il y a 5 heures
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