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After becoming a father in March, Musetti confides:

After becoming a father in March, Musetti confides: "I almost went a month without seeing him".

There are times in life when professional and personal lives collide. Lorenzo Musetti, a true prodigy of Italian tennis, knows all about this. The Italian hopeful, ranked 29th in the world this week and qualified for the final of the Challenger 175 in Turin this Sunday, became a father last March. At just 22 years of age, the right-hander with the marvellous arm discovered just how complex family life can be when you're a professional athlete.

When asked about it, he didn't mince his words. Admitting that he misses his son, he explains that he takes advantage of the time he spends playing in Italy to spend as much time as possible with his son: "I think the credit also goes to my partner, and also to my grandmother, who support me a lot. Right now, I'm really enjoying watching my son grow up. For weeks now, he hasn't been able to travel, fly, etc., because he doesn't have the necessary papers.

I've gone almost a month without seeing him since he was born (his son is 2 months old), but when I came back home, I saw him grow up. Living with him since Rome has been wonderful; we've been together all day for almost two weeks.

It warms my heart and does me good to be with Ludovico (his baby). From a private point of view, I feel very good, and I'm trying to transpose these feelings into the professional sphere."

Lorenzo Musetti
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