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Alcaraz: "My goal is to beat Djokovic's 24 Grand Slams record"

Carlos Alcaraz is currently competing in the Argentina Open on the clay courts of Buenos Aires. Interviewed by Olé Tenis (Argentine media), the Spaniard reaffirmed his very high career goals. Fully aware that only time will tell how realistic they are.

Alcaraz: "At the moment, I think Djokovic and Sinner are the players to beat. They're at such a high level that only few people can beat them. But I'm very ambitious, I always want to think big dream big. It's obvious that Djokovic's 24 titles are a goal for me at the end of my career.

Now, let's wait and see where I end up, because maybe I'll get to 5, maybe I'll stay at 2. I'm very competitive and that's also what pushes me to the highest level to try and be at the same level as the Big 3. The truth is, I'm dreaming big.""

ESP Alcaraz, Carlos [1]
ITA Vavassori, Andrea [Q]
ESP Alcaraz, Carlos [1]
ARG Ugo Carabelli, Camilo [Q]
Carlos Alcaraz
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Considering rafa is playing one of the quickest players on tour and that this is only his 3rd tour match in well over 300 weeks I don't think this is too bad. Not too say I wouldn't have liked to see
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Christine N Christine N
I said earlier that Rafa would win in 3 sets & I still believe he can
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Aladdin Sane Aladdin Sane
Rafa never lost a 2R match at Barcelona before. It's really heartbreaking to see my idol going down like this. But I guess, if this is what it takes for him to be 100% fit for French Open then I will
3 thumb_up
Sabah_Kazmi Sabah_Kazmi
It was just one break . Rafa will come back to win
2 thumb_up
Richard R. Richard R.
Let's just say Trevisan is a better clay courter and played as such and Naomi has yet to master the surface.
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tiarastar008 tiarastar008