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Gilles Simon new coach for Daniil Medvedev

Gilles Simon new coach for Daniil Medvedev

Gilles Simon joined Daniil Medvedev's team this week. The Frenchman, who retired in November 2022 at the Paris Masters 1000, will support Gilles Cervera, who remains the Russian's head coach but wishes to spend fewer weeks on tour this year.

Simon will accompany Medvedev from next week in Dubai. A first test in real conditions after a first week of training. The two men already liked each other before they started working together and have a very similar tennis philosophy. In many ways, therefore, this collaboration seems an obvious choice.

Simon (in response to L'Equipe): "In fact, Daniil has understood everything. He's adapted his technique to what he wants to do. ''OK, I'm 2 metres tall but I want to play two metres behind the baseline.'' Or "Okay, I'm 2 metres tall, but I want to play sixty-stroke exchanges". That's what everyone should do! He's not permeable to dogma, he's got great strength of character.

His technique corresponds to who he is: he plays the way he feels. He doesn't care about his technique! What he wants is to get the ball to a certain spot on the court at a certain speed. Period. With his technique, he can only do what he does, but he does it so well that he's number 2 in the world (currently number 4).

He has a lot of solutions against a lot of players. For example, he doesn't like to hit a forehand at shoulder height, so he manages to hit it at just the right height. That's enough to make him a monster."

Medvedev (in response to Tennis Majors): "Gilles Simon is an additional resource in my team. He will help us continue to progress, win titles and make me a better player. I know him as a very intelligent player, who can help me progress. In particular, I'm hoping to improve in the parts of my game that aren't the best in my eyes.

We'll see what happens next (after Dubai). I'm hopeful that it'll last a long time, but it depends on a lot of factors. I still don't know exactly how much time he'll spend with me. Of course, I'll be traveling more often with Gilles Cervara than with Gilles Simon."

Cervara: "What title will Gilles Simon have? Consultant, co-coach, assistant coach... it doesn't matter. What will count will be the quality of the work, the harmonization of our contributions, the good dynamic between everyone in the team and the results. That's what's going to be important (...)

He's going to bring us his sharp vision of the game and of Daniil's opponents. New and different things that belong to his experience and qualities. He will also back up things that have already been said and done with Daniil over the last seven years."

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Considering rafa is playing one of the quickest players on tour and that this is only his 3rd tour match in well over 300 weeks I don't think this is too bad. Not too say I wouldn't have liked to see
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Christine N Christine N
I said earlier that Rafa would win in 3 sets & I still believe he can
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Aladdin Sane Aladdin Sane
Rafa never lost a 2R match at Barcelona before. It's really heartbreaking to see my idol going down like this. But I guess, if this is what it takes for him to be 100% fit for French Open then I will
3 thumb_up
Sabah_Kazmi Sabah_Kazmi
It was just one break . Rafa will come back to win
2 thumb_up
Richard R. Richard R.
Let's just say Trevisan is a better clay courter and played as such and Naomi has yet to master the surface.
2 thumb_up
tiarastar008 tiarastar008