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Rune trained again by Mouratoglou!

Rune trained again by Mouratoglou!

The young tennis star Holger Rune has found a new coach little more than two weeks after the resignation of Boris Becker. The 20-year-old Danish player returns to his former coach Patrick Mouratoglou. "Sometimes, you have to try different things to know what works and what doesn't work," Rune wrote on X Wednesday. Becker wished "a lot of success" to the duo via X.

Rune and Becker ended their collaboration at the beginning of February, which had lasted only four months. Becker realized that he would have to "be available to Rune as a coach much more than I can do it. Because of my professional and private obligations, I can't give Holger what he needs."

The seventh world player will try to take a new boost under the guidance of the successful French coach Mouratoglou, whom Rune has known since he was 13 years old: "In recent months, I have learned a lot about what is important to me," Rune wrote. "With Patrick, I celebrated some of my greatest successes and I think he can help me achieve my goals." Mouratoglou wrote on Instagram about this that he had "always believed in his potential" with Rune. "He has big goals - and so do I. This is the start of a new adventure."

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Considering rafa is playing one of the quickest players on tour and that this is only his 3rd tour match in well over 300 weeks I don't think this is too bad. Not too say I wouldn't have liked to see
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Christine N Christine N
I said earlier that Rafa would win in 3 sets & I still believe he can
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Aladdin Sane Aladdin Sane
Rafa never lost a 2R match at Barcelona before. It's really heartbreaking to see my idol going down like this. But I guess, if this is what it takes for him to be 100% fit for French Open then I will
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Sabah_Kazmi Sabah_Kazmi
It was just one break . Rafa will come back to win
2 thumb_up
Richard R. Richard R.
Let's just say Trevisan is a better clay courter and played as such and Naomi has yet to master the surface.
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tiarastar008 tiarastar008