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Grand Slams to keep 32 seeds in 2019

Grand Slams to keep 32 seeds in 2019

Published by , Thursday 09/13/18 22:48

The four major tennis tournaments will continue to seed 32 players for men's and women's singles draws, after the Grand Slam Board (GSB) announced on Thursday it had reversed an earlier decision to halve the number.

Having indicated last year that the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open would only have 16 seeds from 2019, the organisation in charge of the Grand Slams said that the current format would remain in place next year.

"Following a full year of Grand Slam match analysis and feedback from all other constituencies, especially players and broadcast partners, the Grand Slam tournaments have decided there is no compelling reason to revert to 16 seeds," the GSB said in a statement.

"Accordingly, all 2019 Grand Slam tournaments have agreed to continue with 32 seeds in singles."

The Grand Slam events doubled the number of seeds to 32 in 2001, but the possibility of a decrease was raised as a way to make favourites' paths to the latter stages of tournaments more difficult.

Source: AFP

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Too good 💩
.. Silent Runner .. Silent Runner il y a 3 minutes
And much easier on the eyes too...
srokafh srokafh il y a 1 heure
Atta boy Sascha
ali ali il y a 3 heures
The walk in a park didn't quite turn out.. Just shows that GOATS and N 1-s can lose a match too...
srokafh srokafh il y a 4 heures
Fed n Nadal in 2017 form and Novak in his best and Stan and Andy back in their best and delpo and sascha playing great.... That ll b the best year for tennis..... Let's see how it goes
vismai vismai il y a 6 heures
Wish I had watched tis match. Much to be learned here.
Lfle Lfle il y a 19 heures