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Lehecka retires, Fils is seeded for the French Open!

Le 19/05/2024 à 15h43
 par Elio Valotto
Lehecka retires, Fils is seeded for the French Open!

Unfortunately, Jiri Lehecka lost his race against time. After a brilliant tournament in Madrid, Lehecka was injured in his semi-final. After defeating Rafael Nadal in the last 16 (7-5, 6-4), he took advantage of Medvedev's withdrawal (6-4, ab.) before suffering another injury. In tears, the Czech was finally forced to retire against Auger-Aliassime (3-3 ab.).

Unfortunately, the injury to the world's 23rd-ranked player proved too serious and he will not be able to play in Paris. Roland-Garros thus loses its first major player. Let's hope that the Porte d'Auteuil doesn't become a hecatomb.

That said, another player will benefit from his withdrawal: Arthur Fils. The Frenchman, ranked 34th in the world this week and winner of the Bordeaux title (against Martinez in the final, 6-2, 6-3), is now guaranteed top seed in Paris. After withdrawing from the Lyon tournament, where he was title-holder, the risk of arriving at Roland-Garros without protected status was present for Fils.

In the end, this was not to be, and the 19-year-old can now rest assured that he won't be facing a huge favorite in his first match. It now remains to be seen whether Arthur will be able to live up to his new status and make the Parisian public dream.

FRA Fils, Arthur [1]
ESP Martinez, Pedro [2]
Arthur Fils
34e, 1250 points
Jiri Lehecka
26e, 1585 points
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Let’s go Nole!! Shut them all up like you know, We trust you champ🫡 🏆
9 thumb_up
Nole27 Nole27
Alcaraz is going to truly embarrass novax this time and probably retire him once and for all
6 thumb_up
Furqan Z Furqan Z
It's a long way back for Jasmine now, but we know that she'll fight hard to the last point.
5 thumb_up
Aladdin Sane Aladdin Sane
Will be GS 25 this time.
5 thumb_up
balaji.tnv balaji.tnv
Can’t see anything other than a straight set victory for alcaraz
3 thumb_up
Furqan Z Furqan Z