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Murray realistic:

Murray realistic: "My game needs to improve".

Andy Murray failed to win again on the Stuttgart grass court, where he was beaten in the first round by Marcos Giron on Tuesday (6-3, 6-4). The former world No. 1 (2016) explained that he was feeling better physically, even though he still hasn't won an ATP match since last March in Miami (victory over Etcheverry before injuring his ankle against Machac).

The Brit explains his current difficulties in particular by a lack of efficiency on his return of serve. He is aware that he needs to do better in the run-up to Wimbledon. And he has yet to decide whether he will take part in the Paris Olympics.

Andy Murray: "My game needs to improve, the level of tennis on the Tour is high. I have to play better if I want to win more matches.

I've had a tough few months, but physically I'm feeling good at the moment. Both my ankle and my back. I feel better now that I'm on grass.

I'm having trouble breaking. I haven't been able to break my opponent's serve for a few matches now, even though it's usually my strong point.

On a fast surface like grass, sets are tight. When your chance comes, you have to be realistic.

I still have to see what happens with the Olympics. I'm not sure about the doubles situation and I don't know if it's worth playing just singles.

My body hasn't been feeling very good on clay over the last few months. I'll have to wait and see."

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What a violin solo concerto for all Muuuuuuuuusetti"
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StAdam StAdam
Can I see tears? xaxaxaxa.... Idemooooooo bre!
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Damirica Damirica
With Novak's miraculous recovery from surgery, I sometimes think, did he actually have surgery or is it another trick, as Novak said he knows all the tricks.
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Snoopy 10 Snoopy 10
........and gone! :)
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StAdam StAdam
@Irina. The problem he had and the surgery takes 3 months to recover in professional sportsmen like footballers etc and 5-6 months for normal people. he recovered in ten days. 100% fake no doubt about
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