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Sinner: "After losing two finals here, I finally have the big trophy".

After two unsuccessful final appearances in Miami (2021, 2023), Jannik Sinner finally managed to add his name to the tournament's list of honours. Despite an easy win (6-3, 6-1), he paid tribute to Grigor Dimitrov after the match. In particular, he recalled what the Bulgarian had brought him off-court. The Italian was also delighted with his own performance.

Jannik Sinner: "Grigor, it's great to see you playing this kind of tennis again. You've been working really, really hard. We train together sometimes in Monaco, and it's a pleasure, not only to play with you but also to talk and try to learn from you.

After two finals here, I'm finally with the big trophy. As the tournament went on, I felt better and better. Today's performance was really good. I'm proud of the way I handled it."

Il y a 12 jours
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BUL Dimitrov, Grigor [11]
ITA Sinner, Jannik [2]
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Let's hope that this will not discourage the regulars on this app with their regular predictions. :) I know that they can't wait for the "next one" .
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Ckalja Ckalja
What an incredible tennis from The Greatest Of all Times. Why is so much hate on this app? Your hate will not change anything, except more pleasure for Nole and his fans. :)
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Ckalja Ckalja
Poor Casper 😔 Goatovic won't let him through
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Sabah_Kazmi Sabah_Kazmi
The Wolf won again! :)
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Ckalja Ckalja
“When the wolf on the top of the mountain is hungry, the food is there!” Paraphrased quote from Arnold when he was Mr Olympia
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Idemo Idemo