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So grateful and thankful Rafa for this Academy in such paradise place in Mexico. I really hope this could promote and revanence Tennis in this country.
ByteBoy ByteBoy il y a 1 heure
sarcasm is just another free service we offer... sorry, no refunds. 😤
462shadowgirl 462shadowgirl il y a 1 heure
I can't stand her face expression either
Justin Loch Justin Loch il y a 12 heures
One video I saw on YouTube claims that she fired him because he wanted her to take drugs. I find it hard to believe to be honest.
humphrey.madlala humphrey.madlala il y a 15 heures
Congrats Champ.
bastion bastion il y a 1 jour
Guys, let's not talk bullshit. Monfils will not win RG, especially now that he destroyed his wirst during last week. There are just so many much bigger contenders for the title.
Pixxi Pixxi il y a 1 jour