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I'm happy she got it now. With her hernia, she may never again be able to accomplish this in the future.
Radu Bunda Radu Bunda il y a 44 minutes
Good job beautiful!
esir1975 esir1975 il y a 3 heures
U cannot hold serve U cannot win.., just d way Tennis is ...
silent ..World. silent ..World. il y a 5 heures
Force to b reconed with ..Fed is HE...🙄
silent ..World. silent ..World. il y a 12 heures
U will b missed ...
silent ..World. silent ..World. il y a 12 heures
Novak has scripted an inspirational comeback and looking more dangerous than ever. He will squeeze every player to exhaustion. What can possibly stop him? May be a power game with brilliance which I can associate with Thiem and Sascha on their days. Waiting for claycourt season when he will be facing Rafa in the finals.
balaji.tnv balaji.tnv il y a 1 jour