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Mon na mi ..fed relaxing?
barrydurbano barrydurbano il y a 54 secondes
Now 4 d bull rafa
barrydurbano barrydurbano il y a 2 minutes
Good stuff T.K
kuliya.rose kuliya.rose il y a 2 minutes
Good 4Djo .
barrydurbano barrydurbano il y a 3 minutes
Are players allowed to skip Grand Slams just because they don't want to play there? Don't they have to be injured or something?
Annissina Annissina il y a 7 minutes
Betty.j.hymen.81 stay away from the weed . The security said they heard nothing . If it was as she said it was then why didn't her clan talk to the security ? If you think race played a part well that's good for a change . When cops go around shooting innocent black men, white people don't complain so stuff it . Carolin is not a big draw so if she boycott next year it's no big deal
papasung2 papasung2 il y a 2 heures
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